Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Emily's mother, Cheri wanted me to post the following information. She would love to see everyone join her in celebrating Emily's return.

Thurs., Sept. 22nd, 12:30 Emily arrives home at the Spokane Airport. Lunch for anyone interested at Emily's house at 1:30. (14111 E. 42nd. Ct., Veradale, WA 99037, Call 290-3064 with any questions.)

Friday, Sept 23rd, 6:00-9:30pm - Party/Open house, 14111 E. 42nd Ct., Veradale, WA 99037, Call 290-3064 with any questions. FOOD, FUN, FAMILY & FRIENDS! Everyone is invited!

Sunday, Sept. 25th, 9:00 -10:00am Emily speaks in church and gives her "homecoming" report at the Spokane East Stake Bldg., 13608 E. 40th Ave., Spokane, WA 99214. Call 290-3064 with any questions.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week full of adventures

It was an interesting week! About 6 PM on Wednesday I got a call from the mission office telling me I´d be renewing my visa the next morning and could we catch a bus to Sao Paulo that night. Surprise! So after FOUR buses and SEVEN subways we got to the Sisters house in Caxingui at 11:30 PM exhausted, got up at 5 to go to the Policia Federal, stayed there all day with the missionaries from the CTM, (that was fun!) I got to visit a few recent converts in my old area in Caxingui, then did the whole trip backwards again only to arrive in Eden at 11:30 again...exhausted. So it was an adventure for sure!

We also have been spending a lot of time with Bruno´s family (whom we love to pieces!) They help us so much and are such a great family with so much potential. Maria went to the luncheon on Saturday and we went back with her to help make 300 coxinhas and 100 kibi (they´re Brazillian snacks). We had an interesting experience at Bruno´s house when his Dad invited his pastor to come speak with Maria since she´s no longer going to his church. Unfortunately he began to say things about our beliefs and our religion that arent true, while we were there listening in the other room! Maria explained to him how she felt that she would no longer be going to his church because she didn't like the way she felt. He invited us to participate in a prayer and as he began to speak, my cute companion couldn´t keep quiet and began to put him in his place by explaining that "we too believe this" and "we need to obey the commandments, etc." hahaha. Then he more or less cast out all the demons in the house (aka: those that were in me and my companion) That will for sure be an unforgettable experience from my mission!

Fortunately Maria didn´t believe any of it, she still loves us and doesnt believe we´re devils and is coming to church next Sunday! Bruno continues to be strong and an incredible example to us despite the confusion and controversy he´s receiving from his family. We´re all trying to be patient in this process and realize that the Lord really knows what he´s doing and has a plan and a purpose in all things.

Hope everyone has a good week!

-Sister Peck

I´m not trunky yet.....okay maybe just a little...

It´s getting sooooooooooooo hot again! Summer is coming and I can´t help but day dream about snow when walking in 100 degree weather. But sacrifice brings blessings right? And it sure has! We received a bunch of really good references from members this week for the first time in a long time and we are very excited to start working with each of them. On top of that....

Bruno´s family came to church on Sunday! What a blessing. (Bruno I know you´re reading this so it´s strange to be writing about my mission news but it really was the highlight of my week! haha.) His mom, Maria and brother, Gabriel both went to church with him and loved it. Unfortunately Marcelo, his dad wasn´t able to go but promised to the next time he is available. I love this wonderful family so much and am so happy to be a part of introducing them to the restored gospel. Relief Society was all about Eternal Families and Maria (his mom) loved it! She even volunteered to bring a pot of rice to our Potluck...Fast? (almoço de jejum?) on Saturday! haha

I´ve already started packing my suitcases. I know I´m trunky, literal. I think its the heat. ugh. And my wonderful companion is helping me leave behind ALL of my nasty old clothes that I almost brought home with me. haha. Funny how attached you get to things.....

This week we were able to go to a leadership training with our new mission president President Martins whom I love to pieces! I could listen to him talk forever!!! He is such an inspired man. We learned so much about so much and it really helped! One of the trainings was given by our very own LZs and it was about correction. I really loved it. It was about how all of us have a need to be corrected by our leaders, be it a bishop, parents, etc. (in our case LD, LZ, mission president). If we are doing something incorrect we have a need to be corrected by our leaders who do so out of love. Correction is essential because without it we wouldn´t have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and grow, change and be better. That's where repentance comes in. What a blessing it is to repent! To be made clean and have the chance to start over. Instead of getting defensive when someone corrects us, we should look at the situation as an opportunity to become better and be grateful. there were a lot more things that were said but I´m not remembering all of them right now! Ask me in a few weeks and I´ll show my notes to you, haha. But it was really a great discussion. I loved it! I absolutely love how the things that I learn on my mission will always and forever be applicable in my every day life after the mission! The gospel is amazing isn't it??

I love Brasil and my mission...even if it is SUPER HOT! Beijos e abraços
-Sister Pe

Monday, August 22, 2011

Esta semana!

Hi everyone!

This was a good week for us as Lucimara was baptized! The spirit was very strong and there was a great turn out from both members and investigators. It went perfectly. She was very happy and so were we! What a blessing it is to be able to help individuals understand the truth and make covenants with God. It is so evident that this is what SHE wants both for her and for her children. It was really a great service.

On Sunday, after Lucimara´s confirmation, me and my companion sang with the Releif Society in Sacrament meeting and I had the privellege of looking out into the congregation and seeing ALL of the recent converts that have been baptized since I´ve been in Eden! What a beautiful sight that was! I instantly became emtional and couldn´t sing very much after that. It´s hard to end a mission isn´t it? I took a picture with all of them after. That is all of my recent converts for now......theres still a lot of time left!!!! :D

We were able to have a good meeting with Bruno´s parents the other day and I think it helped a lot. We were able to explain how we really only invite the people we teach and if they recieve an answer and have a desire they choose to be baptized which is what happend with Bruno. His mom seemed to be better about that and said she would speak more to him about it. So maybe we will just have to be a little more patient with the situation. He is an elect and choice young man of the Lord. His testimony astounds me and even if I won´t get to be here for his baptism, okay I will be sad, but it will be okay! It´s not about me, whats important is that he gets baptized!!

Today, P-day, was one of the best I´ve had in a looooong time! We went to a city called Votorantim and got together with all of the sisters again and had lunch at a members house.....a family that is AMERICAN!!!! So that was pretty much awesome! The father is here working for a few years and the whole family came with him. Today we had tacos and laughed and spoke English the whole day! Yeah it made me even MORE trunky.....dang it.....but I´m hanging in there! Like I said its an emotional roller coaster to end your mission. One day I´m crying cuz I dont want to leave the next day I´m eating mexican food and countind down the days! hahaha. Anyway have a great week e até semana que vem!

-Sister Peck

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selado no Éden!

Last P-day when we received the call from our LD that we would be staying together we both screamed for joy (and actually cried a little too!) I did not want to die in a different area nor with a different companion. Suffice it to say we are very thrilled that nothing has changed. But it is still strange to think that very soon this will all be over and be just a memory. But I´m trying my hardest not to be trunky!!! I mean we´re still working hard and having success but sometimes its easy to get distracted and start thinking about home and then I realize that honestly there is no where I would rather be than right where I am, serving the Lord and the people of Brasil.

My knowledge and testimony of different aspects of the gospel sure has grown tremendously over the past year and half. One thing in particular is of the power of the enemy and just how real he is. For example there is a recent convert here who was baptized with 25 years. Unfortunately that's too late for him to serve a full time mission but he had such a great desire and received special permission from the first presidency to go! We were all SO excited for him. Sister P and I told him the first day we found out he´d start preparing to be a missionary that he would be tempted tremendously, now more than ever. A mission is a very important and sacred experience and Satan knows this and doesn´t want you to go. We tried hard to warn and help him but unfortunately he is now being very rebellious and isnt even going to church. It makes me SO sad. The power of Satan is so real.

I see the same things happen the weeks of our baptisms. EVERYTHING imaginable happens to make it so the baptism doesnt. It´s incredible. Last week Lucimara´s uncle had a stroke and her family was all in a panic, of course because its a big deal and sad. But to me it was just so obvoius that somethign like this would happen and that we would have to move back her baptism. Fortunately Lucimara told us that she TOO understood this and that she woudnt delay her baptism beacuse of something that could happen any day but because she wanetd more than anything for her family to be a part of this very important day. so now its marked for this Saturday and we are praying so much that nothing happens and that it goes through!

We are also having difficulties with our elect Bruno who is already practically a member. He is beyond ready but his parents are apprehensive to let him be baptized. We are doing our best to help his family as a whole but naturally the Lord has a plan for everything and maybe its just not the right timing yet. (though I really hope it is because I want so much to see him get baptized before I go home!!!)

I know the church is true and that miracles happen daily. I´m grateful to be a missionary and if I had it my way I´d never let this adventure and journey end! It´s such a blessing and privilege to be here. Abraços and Bjus!

-Sister Peck

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Just so you know, I´m atheist."‏

I love Eden. I love Sister Pedroso. I love everything about my mission right now, I´ve never been happier! Just like normal, at the end of every transfer we are impatiently waiting to hear if one of us is going to be leaving our area. I doubt it, because I only have one transfer left, so I´m pretty sure Sister Pedroso will be with me to the end of my mission, but of course anything is possible. I will be SO sad though if something drastic happens!!!! We´re praying that we stay together and that I stay in Eden!

Well we had a pretty good week! We have made quite a few changes both individually and as a companionship and we can truly see the Lord´s hand in the blessings we receive. We have been helping and teaching a lady named Lucimara for quite some time and this week she accepted to be baptized! Her baptism will be held on Saturday and I am so excited. She is a single parent of two darling boys and has really had a rough life but it is amazing to see the power of the Atonement work in her life and to have been able to see her conversion process. A while back we had visited her and she told us about two dreams she´d had. The first was that her two sons were dressed in shirt and ties and had black nametags; they had both become Elders and served missions! The other dream she was dressed in white and was preparing for her baptism. Me and my companion were there and I had said to her "Let´s go Lucimara! We´ll help you!" and she said "No Sisters, I´m ready, I´ll enter the water by myself." Something to that effect. ;) Anyway the spirit was really strong when she told us and it was just one more confirmation for her and for us that she is ready. It has been such a privilege to know her and to see her tremendous example for her family and friends.

On Saturday we were running around to make our appointments that kept falling in the hot sun, when we saw Luiz. He was sitting on the sidewalk reading a book and I felt like I should contact him, but I ignored the tender voice of the spirit and we kept walking. My amazing companion didn´t let us walk 5 more steps when she said, "Lets talk to that guy, I feel like we have to." Yep, that’s the spirit alright. So we started talking. He said that he was reading his
second book of the day. Sister Pedroso gave him one of the pamphlets and he said "Too bad it’s kind of small." We both looked at each other and she said "Well here let me give you a bigger one!" So we gave him a Book of Mormon and he promised to read. I invited him to come to church with us the next day and he said he´d love to but "Just so you guys know, I´m atheist. BUT I´m always willing to be proven wrong!." After a few seconds of awkward silence we said "Well great then we´ll pass by at 8:15 to get you!" My first thoughts were "He is an intellectual and won´t be easy to convert but thank heavens we have the spirit on our side!" He is the first person I have met of this faith on my mission! Seriously! Sunday morning there was Luiz on the sidewalk waiting for us with his Book of Mormon in one hand and a cigarette in the other! I was so pleased to see him ready to go! The first thing he said was "Can I wear my Nirvana shirt?" hahaha! Loved it. So basically he loved church. Of course he did. Who wouldn´t? It´s nothing like anything anyone ever expects. And it´s literally IMPOSSIBLE not to feel the spirit when you´re there. He kept making comments like "It´s so calm, but not annoyingly calm ya know?" "Wow we actually learn things." During gospel principles HE was the one asking questions. One recent convert was able to relate to him and answer his questions because he used to be Atheist too! (what are the odds?) It was neat. Since yesterday was fast and testimony meeting it´s always special. The only thing that "bothered" him, for lack of a better word, was how EVERY single person said "I KNOW that the church is true....I KNOW we have a living prophet, etc." He said "How can you have an absolute certainty about something? You have to be willing to change and have an open mind!" We were able to explain about what it means to have a testimony and how it really is impossible to deny when you´ve had a personal witness from the Holy Ghost. It was SO incredible to see his intellectual side struggling and battling with the spirit that was touching his heart! We are going to meet with him again this week and I can´t wait!

Our recent convert Jonanth bore his sweet testimony yesterday too! ahh there is just nothing better. It´s impossible to explain how I feel to see a recent convert publically bear their testimony and cry about the love they feel for the Savior and his Atonement and how he wants nothing more than to serve a mission to share this wonderful message with others! QUE ORGULHO!

Well that’s about it on my end! The Lord continues to bless our tiny branch here in Eden and I am grateful. I know he loves and protects his missionaries and I am grateful!! Thank you everyone and have a wonderful week! Bjos e abraços
-Sister Peck

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loving Life in Brazil

Pancake party with our zone!
They sell lice in Brasil? lol
Biggest piece of Bacon I´ve ever seen!
Fila Unica!

Some Big pictures

We went to Itú where there are lot of BIG things! Pretty fun!

O Plano de Salvação

On Saturday we had an INCREDIBLE activity in our branch. It was an idea that an Elder had given me, so really me and Sister Pedroso were in charge of it, and also I cant take the credit. It required a little bit of work but boy was it worth it!! We played the game of life but instead of using the board game, the members were the players and we made the spaces on the ground to cover the entire cultural hall! We even had a huge dice. Every one separated into families and played just like you would play the normal game of life, with a salary, car payments, bonuses at work, etc. The difference was it had a churchy twist. We had set up a church and a bank. During the game you could win both "blessings" and "sins" and you would get these cards at the church where our branch president was sitting. I love President Ricardo! We didn't even ask him to do this but when someone would come to ask for a blessing card he would ask "What was the blessing?" And the member would say "I helped my mom clean the house!" or when it was a sin they would say "I forgot to do my visiting teaching this month..." it was so great! A lot of people said that it really applied to their lives. You could also "die" during the game and you would go to the Spirit World and wait until judgement. Once everyone had made it to "The End" we entered the chapel which was the Celestial Kingdom/judgement and President Ricardo spoke. (There is a trick to winning the game that I won´t tell you right now because maybe I´ll do this activity someday when I go home! But if you´d like to know just ask me!) This activity was SO great. There was so much to be learned from it. No matter our family or financial situation or if we were a missionary there was a great lesson to be learned.

Everything President said was so great. He shared the scripture that talks about for every time we are obedient we receive a blessing. We may not even notice but its true. It´s as if every time we have a family home evening there´s a little cabinet in Heaven labeled "Family Home Evening Blessings" and the cabinet opens and the blessing falls down for us. Okay that sounds funny in English but it sounded better in Portuguese. haha. But it is SO true! I can promise each and every one of you that obedience even in the little things is essential. I doubt anyone is going to kill someone or rob a bank tomorrow, but Satan doesn't start with the big. He starts with the little tiny things like skipping prayer, not having scripture study, not being completely honest, etc. I have come to gain a very strong testimony of this especially during my mission. One thing I have come to learn is that the Savior doesn't expect us to be perfect, its not possible. But he does want us to try our best and he WILL forgive us when we mess up, because we will!!

During the game of life, we added a twist at the last minute. Right before judegement every family had the option to or pay $1000 and get rid of all of the blue "sin" cards or keep their money and their cards. We didnt explain why, just gave them the opportunity to choose. The majority chose to pay and get rid of their cards. But I was very surprised at the families who replied "But I dont have any money left! No I´ll stay." Wow! What an important lesson. This part of the game was supposed to represent repentance. And how we all have the chance to be clean from sin. It´s not easy, we have to pay a price and suffer a little but its worth it. Thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ and the Atonement we have the privelege to repent and start over clean! What a tremendous blessing!! I sure am thankful because I recognize the need to repent DAILY! I´m grateful for the game of LIFE and for the lessons learned. I hope everyone can remember the importance of being obedient in the small things and realize that the Lord has so many blessings waiting in store for us! Thanks for all the love and support gente! Continue to pray for the misisonaries around the world!
-Sister Peck

Monday, July 25, 2011

Esta semana!

Até que em fim tivemos um batismo! We finally had a baptism after so much time. Jonathan was baptized on Saturday and it was wonderful. It has been a long time since we´ve had a baptism but I really liked something our zone leader said the other day. He told us that the wards which we´re serving in will be much more appreciative of an empty baptismal font for a long time and baptisms every so often of people who are elect and will stay firm in the church, rather than having baptisms every weekend just to have them all go less active soon after. (did that make sense?) He basically told us not to worry about numbers. That really made me feel comforted. When you really forget about the NUMBER and focus more on the people. Jonathan is so elect and we feel privileged to have been able to help him prepare for his baptism. The promise the Elder gave held true too because yesterday we had lunch with the second counselor of the bishopric and he said that very thing! That there was a time when the missionaries here were having soo many baptisms. Unfortunately many of those individuals chose not to remain in the gospel. Obviously we all have our free agency, but for this reason there exists a special preparation BEFORE baptism, oh better I like the word conversion.

As missionaries its our job, our privilege to find those who are or ready or are willing to make the changes necessary to be baptized. It´s an important and essential covenant that we all need to make. It´s a commandment! Even the Lord Jesus Christ, who was perfect, was obedient to Heavenly Father and was baptized. I love being a missionary. I may not convert a nation like the sons of Mosiah, but I can do my part and help the individuals while I am here!

-Sister Peck

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deus é um só

I have never had more appreciation for other faiths until I became a missionary. It´s our "job" to talk about religion so we interact with people with various beliefs on a daily basis. It´s interesting to me that many will smile and reply "Bom Dia" to us while others simply look at us strangely. The Brasilians have a phrase that is very common to hear here "Deus é um só." or "There´s only one God." And it´s true, we really are all worshiping the same God and doing the best we can to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is so easy to find the good in every religion. For example, I always admire the Jehovas Witness for their dedication in proselyting. There are members of some faiths here that have strict rules about how to wear their hair and what to wear, and they follow! It´s very impressive to me. No matter where we are or who we are talking to we always hear "Oh because those people believe blah blah blah....". We find ourselves defending other religions and ask "Have you actually visited their church to know for yourself is that true?" I was impressed with a young man who came to church on Sunday for that reason! He belongs to the 7th-day Adventist church and was reading a book about religion. When he read the part about his church he told us that everything was a lie. He thought to himself "Hm, if all the doctrine about my faith is wrong, probably everything about all the other faiths is too." So he decided to find out for himself and he showed up at church! I told him "Wow, good for you because usually NO ONE does that. Unfortunately they just listen to the gossip that others spread and believe anything."

We were talking to another young lady we are teaching and she said "We study religion in my church, you guys believe, blah blah blah and this religion believes blah blah blah" She then said a lot of mean things about other faiths and their beliefs. I asked her if you had a question about your math homework would you go to your English teacher? She said "No of course not, my math teacher." We explained that it should be the same way with religion, if she has a question she can ask us, or about any other faith she should ask the member of that faith instead of discussing and ridiculing other religions in her church. I asked her if she thought thats what Christ would do. If we try we can really learn a lot from everyone. We can look for the good in everything that other religions practice and their doctrines. Truly "everything good comes from God" and all is a preparation for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have made so many friends from other religions and I am grateful! I have learned so much and have gained so much respect for each and every child of God, no matter what their beliefs. Deus realmente é um só and His love for all of His children is infinite!
-Sister Peck

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Email

I read an article in the Liahona (Ensign?) this week that was written by a man who served first in the war and after served a mission, in about 1948. The story was beautiful. Times were so different then. Instead of just knocking doors to prosylte, they had to knock doors to ask for food and to even find a place to sleep! But they were positive and had great attitudes and were blessed for their efforts, I´m sure the difficulties faced in the war had a lot to do with it. It made me feel very spoiled even as a missionary to read about the DAYS when they went with out food or baths or at least the peace of mind of a warm bed waiting for me at the end of an exhausting day. I love being a missionary. There are a lot of highs and heaven knows a lot of lows. It is one incredible emotional roller coaster but I wouldnt trade it for the world! The lessons I am learning are priceless and could never be learned anywhere else. The opportunity to serve and to feel pain and heartache for others like I have never before felt is a new concept for me. Every day we explain to people how a mission is a preparation for the rest of our lives, marriage if you will, and really it is! My hope is to put into practice every thing that I have learned here in these short months. Even if the tag comes off, the call to serve still remains!

Our little elect Jonathan is as great as ever. He makes us so happy and puts more confidence in us that the Lord is truly preparing people to hear the restored gospel. His eyes literally glistened when we spoke of a living prophet "Really??," he said. He accepted the invitation to be baptized without hesitation, stopped drinking coffee the very day we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and told us that he can hardly wait for our visits to learn more and for church on Sunday because of the sweet spirit he feels. The Lord loves and knows Jonathan.
Sister Pedroso is as amazing as ever! Sometimes it scares us how alike we are, yet we grew up in a completely different country and culture. I love her so much and miss her incredibly already. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and até semana que vem!
ALEX!! CONGRATS ON GOING THROUGH THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!! I sure hope you take the marvelous experience seriously and fast and pray before in order to truly feel the unexplainable spirit that truly abides in the literal House of the Lord. I sure wish I could be there but know that I am praying for you and know that it will be an unforgettable day. I love the temple!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Sister Nowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Proud to be an American

E aí pessoal? Como vocês estão? We´re doing well here in the Garden of Eden! Our new mission President arrives tomorrow and I´m excited to meet him! We have a conference this Friday to get to know him and his wife, should be great!

We were blessed with new people to teach this week, including a young man named Fabricio. He is so happy and positive despite his broken arm and broken family. He´s only 17 and has an incredible amount of faith. It was very impressive to see. He should not be the good kid that he is because of the daily situation that he lives in. His mom died a few years ago in a car accident and he lives in a home where love is defintely not shown. His Dad and step-mom get drunk every night, fight, beat each other, him, his younger siblings, etc. He even showed us blood on the wall from a recent fight. It was horrifying. He told us that when his step-mom goes to beat his younger siblings he steps in the middle because "I would rather her beat me than let them suffer." He told us that he prays every day and night that God will send angels to his home and change the hearts of his parents so that there will be love in their home. We all cried together as Sister Pedroso bore her testimony of the gospel and how it changed and is changing her family. She came from a similar situation but was able to give hope to Fabricio. I don´t know what it´s like to be born and raised in a horrible situation like this. But I do know that God is aware of Fabricio and hears and has answered his prayers, even if he doesn´t know it yet--not saying that we´re necessarily angels or anything, lol. But really it was a very moving experience for me to be with him and hear his faith. We were able to share with him that families can be happy, show love, and be together forever. This is Heavenly Father´s plan. He doesnt want any one of His children to suffer. Fabricios situation made me feel so spoiled but grateful for my family and the love that has always been present. I have never doubted the love that my parents had for each other and for me, what a blessing. There are so many homes/families being destroyed by Satan because of a lack of love. Think of how much better the world would be if we demonstrated more love for not only our neighbor, but inside our own home. What a privelege it is to be able to be here and help individuals like Fabricio know that there is hope, that he doesnt have to go through this alone, that Heavenly Father knows and loves him, has a plan for him, and that families really can be together forever.

I´m not trunky (ready to come home) but last night we had dinner with a member and he said "Sister I have something to show you!" He put on a clip of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem at a baseball game with everyone waving american flags. Oh my word. I just stood there and bawled. Its been SO long since I have heard the National Anthem and it made me so proud to be an American!! Brasil will always have a special place in my heart but I cant help but love my country! Can´t wait to go to a baseball game again too! hahaThe irmao told me that he does this with ALL the American missionaries. dang it! Anyway hope everyone has a great week! and God Bless America! and VIVA BRASIL!

Com amor,
Sister Peck

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Highs and Lows of a Mission

When I was in the MTC I recieved a poem that was written about a mission called "Highs and Lows". I don´t remember most of it but one line that ALWAYS repeats in my mind is "I´ve never been so happy, I´ve never been so sad." I remember thinking, "Psh, what a terrible poem to write about all the negative parts of a mission too. Pretty sure it can be happy if you think happy always!" Well I´ve learned that the words of that poem really are true! I really have never been so happy, never have been so sad! I wish I could remember the rest of the words. But it amazes me just how much of an emotional roller coaster we experience as missionaries in such a short amount of time. One minute you´re floating on air and the other you just feel awful. The one thing that I have come to understand about the negative side of the poem is that we can be sad and have bad days because it has more to do with those whom we are serving rather than US! When an investigator gives up and decides not to be baptized, or someone marks a commitment and doesn´t keep it, or a recent convert starts drifting away from the church and doing bad things. It´s then that we as representatives of the Lord feel extreme sadness unlike anything we´ve ever felt. We pray for them, we fast for them, we cry for them, and in the end realize that once we have done everything we can, the have their free agency.

But at the same time when someone who is investigating the church makes the slightest progression it is like Christmas! What immense joy we feel to hear someone say "I´ve read the part you've left me in the Book of Mormon and I prayed." or to show up at church without our help. A baptism for a missionary is unlike any joy I have ever felt. Just like the negative side, it has nothing to do with me but everything to do with the person and the decision they have made to repent and change, to enter into a covenant with God and take upon themselves the name of Christ. For this reason we are here! We've been having a difficult time finding "elect" people lately, but we are confident they are out there. We just have to find them. I feel strongly that there are those who are praying just as much to find us as we are to find them.

I love to watch the Jehova´s Witnesses. They really do inspire me! Such a dedicated people to their faith. EVERYONE proselytes, not just full time missionaries. Sometimes when we are on the street we see 20 or 30 duplas? (um companionships?) knocking doors and I think "Wow. wouldnt it be cool if members of the Church of Jesus Christ did that?" Sister Pedroso made a comment that I liked. She said, "There are so many of them! and just two of us. It makes me so proud to be a missionary of the Lord!" We are a small army but with His help we can make miracles happen.

We had Zone Conference this past week. President Cooleys last one before he goes home. It was wonderful!! I wish I could write all of the incredible things I learned!! Maybe I will save that inspiration for next week´s email since this one is getting pretty long already. But it sure has been a pleasure serving with him and Sister Cooley. They have done wonderful things for the Sao Paulo North Mission. I look forward to getting a new mission president and seeing the changes that he will put into place. I´m grateful for the things I am learning on my mission I can see the growth and I am happy. (spiritually and materially....I totally know how to make rice now just like a Brazilian!!! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!
-Sister Peck

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drawing a blank

Hello everyone! not sure what to write today. I´m kind of drawing a blank here at the computer screen. Lets see if I can summarize the week...our shower burned out so we had only cold water, we did a division with the Sisters in a different area, we made LOTS of contacts and met a lot of new people, I got to eat a dessert from the south that my companion made for me called Kuka which is basically spice cake (so good!), hmm lets see what else.... oh yeah! we had a CRAZY tropical rain storm that took the power out forever and knocked down a bunch of trees (gosh it seemed like we were getting cast out of the garden of eden!) and today I have 100 days until I go home! So scary!

I wish I had something inspiring to write I´m sorry that I don´t. I heard this happens towards the end of the mish, you sort of start running out of things to say! But I am NOT trunky, promise. More nervous than trunky. I don't want to go home! I love being a missionary! I say it every day! There is just simply no greater joy! Hopefully next week I have something more important to say!

-Sister Peck

Monday, June 6, 2011


This is my best friend I met in the street. He doesn't respond to anything except "Henrique" hahaha. The real Henrique couldn't believe we named a dog after him.
Sister Macedo, eu, and Henrique under our "learning tree"
Our zone from last transfer

6/6/11 Miracles and Blessings!‏

We had a pretty good week finding new people to teach! It really is amazing how the Lord puts the elect—those seeking a better life--in our path. Allow me to share a neat experience we had the other night. Renato, who was baptized last week, has a son who was pretty ill. He received a blessing from our branch President and recovered immediately. Renato´s family, who all went to his baptism were greatly moved and impressed by the Spirit they felt. His mom, Marlene, also has been very sick for the past few months. Renato told her about his son receiving a priesthood blessing and she wanted to know more. We went to her house with President Ricardo and Renato. Their house is literally in the middle of nowhere! If Renato hadn´t shown us I don’t know if I would have been able to find it! President Ricardo is amazing and explained perfectly about the priesthood authority to bless the sick in the Savior’s name. He taught Marlene about how Christ gave His authority to His Apostles to bless the sick, give sight to the blind, heal the lame and to cure the faithful and believing. That exact same priesthood has been restored to the earth, bestowed on His modern day Apostles, and is still used to heal and bless the sick—no matter the infirmity. He explained how the Priesthood power should not to be used frivolously, but should be used with discretion to bless those with the faith to be healed, in conjunction with the Lord’s will. It was a beautiful lesson! I have never seen someone give such a detailed description before giving a Priesthood blessing. Marlene was so moved by her grandson´s miraculous healing and Renato´s baptism that she stated assuredly that she had the faith necessary to be healed. It has been over a week and Marlene has not suffered one pain since the blessing. We are now teaching the entire family about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can change lives. How grateful I am for the Priesthood and the authority to act in His name that exists on the earth today.

Today, the Sisters from another area spent the day with us. We made lots of food and a delicious cake and laughed a lot! It was a ton of fun. Then our recent convert called me and I could barely hear her because she was whispering, but I finally understood that she had invited some Jehovah´s Witnesses into her house and she needed help. lol. She didn’t know that we had Re-RE-enforcements from the other Sisters who were with us. So we spent several hours kindly discussing the gospel with some very nice women of another faith. It was sooo very interesting to hear their point of view and to see just how many truths they really do have. And to also see where their teachings deviate from the gospel of Jesus Christ that has been restored to the earth. When Christ came to earth, He brought the fullness of His gospel and set up the organization of his perfect church under His authority. But because of the unbelief of the people of His day, they rejected Him and His teachings. The Savior was crucified, the Apostles were eventually killed and the authority they held to act in the Savior’s name was gone from the earth. Doesn’t it make sense that a loving Heavenly Father wouldn’t leave us alone to wonder without direction? If the organization he set up when he was on the earth was perfect (as it most assuredly was), why would it be any different today? He restored His perfect gospel to the earth along with the priesthood authority to act in His name. He restored the same church with the same organization that existed in His day. We are part of that gospel—members of His church—participants in the same organization that existed in His primitive church! And we are blessed to have His priesthood authority. I saw that Priesthood authority heal Renato’s son and his mother, Marlene. I truly respect members of other faiths. These sweet Jehovah’s Witnesses spend a majority of their time knocking doors--just like us! The other day we saw two women who had to be 90 years old showing a Bible verse to a young man in the street! Pretty impressive! In the end I told them, really we are all on the same team even if we believe differently. And it´s always great to learn other´s beliefs! I am so grateful to be serving a mission and inviting others to accept Christ and his teachings. I know lives can change and be better. I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Tchau tchau!
-Sister Peck

Me and Sister Pedroso

me and my beautiful filha Sister Pedroso!

My companion has a whole line of scorpions!

This week we were privileged to be a part of Renatos baptism that went through wonderfully. He works with our Branch President so it was an honor for President Ricardo to perform his baptism as well as his confirmation the following day. His entire family came and loved it (of course) and the spirit was so strong! His wife, Mileide, unfortunately works almost EVERY Sunday but it was a miracle that she had the day off this Sunday and was able to attend Sacrament meeting to watch his confirmation. We are working with her, she still has a few doubts but really likes the church. She goes to almost every activity its just as I said, getting to church on Sunday is a bit tricky. But our goal is to baptize her soon (actually have Renato baptize her) and have them be a complete family in the gospel!
We had lots of investigators in church on Sunday too so that was a blessing. Henrique is...well he is good! Right before Sacrament meeting the 1st counselor asked me "Sister, do I need to announce a baptism for this week?" and I replied "Just a sec, let me see." And I sat down next to Henrique and asked "President would like to know if he needs to announce a baptism for this week. what do you think?" hehe. And he said "What do you mean? Mine? ...ummm okay. Pode ser." hahaha. I was SO happy, the ward was so happy, I sure hope Henrique was happy. He told us that it seemed that every talk/lesson on Sunday was directed especially for him. He even fasted yesterday for 24 hours all by himself! I´m so proud of him and for the process he is going through to change. I feel that he is ready he just needs to have the confidence to know that he is ready! I am praying so hard that his baptism goes through this week.

Training is also going very well! It doesn't feel like training, it feels like I have a rad roommate who I get to teach the gospel with every day! Sister Pedroso is an incredible missionary and I totally love working with her. She will be (is already) a huge asset to the mission. She is such a good example to be of obedience and love for everyone she meets. We really are having so much fun as we work! Men have already called asking her hand in marriage, hahaha. Guess we´d better be careful huh? ;) Things are wonderful as always! Até mais!
-Sister Peck

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special Experience

Tudo bem gente? Como vai? Tenho boas noticias! Marcelo was baptized on Saturday! It was a special experience. Very different than other baptisms that I have been apart of. I have been able to help teach and prepare many people enter the waters of baptism on my mission so far but I have never seen someone so truly converted as Marcelo! His completely humble and meek nature is so inspiring. He barely speaks, but when he does it is to bear a simple, powerful testimony of the change that he has felt in his life and his gratitude to be able to "start over again". His whole family are inactive members except for his Dad, who is there every Sunday despite the LONG distance (about a 20 min drive) from their house. What a privelege it was for Irmão José to baptize his oldest son after so many long months of going to church alone. What a blessing to have his ENTIRE family on the same bench in sacrament meeting as he confirmed Marcelo a member of the church and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost with the Preisthood that he holds and honors. It was really touching to witness. Hopefully because of the tremendous example of José and now Marcelo they will both be able to help bring their mom and other siblings back into full activity!

As of right now our goal is to have two baptisms this weekend (Jessica and Henrique) and two the following (Renato and Gabrielly). Let´s pray that they happen! I don´t really have much else to say today other than I am so grateful to be a missionary! For any young man out there....don´t even think twice about not going! And for and young woman who has already thought once, I would encourage you to think twice! haha, seriously missions are the BEST! you just don´t have anything to lose but yourself and when that happens you truly GAIN! I can testify completely to that!

Com muito carinho e amor,

Sister Peck

Feliz Dia das Maes!

Wow it seems like yesterday that I called home for Mother´s Day! Parabens to all the Mothers out there, my grandmas, aunts, friends, everyone! What a blessing it is to be women and to have the privelege to bring Heavenly Fathers children into the world! We have a divine responsibility to teach and instill correct principles in these precious souls in a world where there seems to only exist confusion. How else are our children going to learn what´s really right from wrong if not in the home?? Certainly the media, internet, etc is not going to teach it. I have such a testimony of choices needing to start IN THE HOME! As we listen to the prophets and apostles, how many times do they counsel us to have regular family scripture study, prayer, family home evening, dinners together, etc. Do they do it because its something cute and sounds nice? Or is it because there is something more deep we can learn than it may appear at first? These things are SO important! I am so grateful to have had such a great example from my Mother, my Grandmothers, and many MANY women in my life who have helped me learn at an early age to make correct choices. Thank you!

I feel like I don´t have a lot to say since I said so much yesterday on the phone but things are still going really well in Eden! Loving it like always! Marcellos baptism unfortunately wasn´t able to happen on Saturday but has been remarked for this Saturday. We are preparing some wonderful people to be baptized as well who are so ready! Jessica is a young mother who has really "found herself" in the church and has truly blossomed. We are also teaching an adorable family, Luis Renato and Milaide, who´s only real problem right now is coffee so we´re praying for them! But we had two REALLY great lessons with these two different families this week. We watched "Together Forever", which for those who know, is an old film with cheesy music(I think it has to be even worse in Potguese) haha. But both of these families were deeply moved by the film and to our (great!) surprise became very emotional. So I learned never to underestimate the Spirit! He can totally work through cheese too! hahaha. No but I am super happy to be teaching them and to see the changes that are occurring. We are constantly lookng for new people too. Those who are truly prepared and ready to accept the invitation to follow Jesus Christ! I love what I do! And whats even better is that I get to do it in Eden! :)
Com amor,
Sister Peck

Monday, May 2, 2011


A SLUG the size of my foot!

The day we dressed up as Elders! lol

When do the blessings stop?

Wow what a week! Do I start all my e-mails off that way? Seems like I probably do. I just really can´t stress enough what a privelege it is to be here in the Garden of Eden. I mean seriously, when do the blessings stop? A few weeks ago, our Zone Leaders gave us a huge challenge to baptize every week in the month of May. Realizing that would take a lot of faith and a lot of work, Sister Macedo and I accepted the challenge. We made a goal to mark at least one baptism date per day. Okay so I´m not athletic, but isn´t there some analogy about shooting free throws and the more baskets you make the more likely you are to make the next one? It kind of went down like that. My faith was increased every day as we were able to mark more and more dates this week for the weeks in May with our progressing investigators!!!

On Friday we were only lacking the 7th, this weekend. We knew the only person who potentially could be baptized was a man named Marcello, whom neither of us know very well. He is the son of a member in our branch who comes to church and attends institute, but other than that we didn´t know too much about his background with the church. We marked to meet with him on Friday. We prayed and did practices so that he could be baptized this Saturday if it was the Lord´s will. Did I mention he lives in a little city in the middle of nowhere outside of Eden? Yeah our area is like that, we have to take a few buses to get to some places but its totally worth it! So we showed up not really sure what to expect and I can honestly say it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been a part of. Marcelo basically told us that he had just never wanted anything to do with the church before and had made some choices that eventually led him to think "Is this really what I want?" I think it was the first time I had ever seen someone truly "repentant". Now I have no idea who Marcello was before, what kind of choices he made, etc. But I can testify that he has changed. To see how the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the repentance process has worked in this mans life without even knowing him was an experience that I will never forget. Tears filled his eyes as he expressed his desire to be baptized, by his Dad to whom he looks up to as an example. We invited him to be baptized this Saturday and he accepted! My faith increased extraordinariuly this week. Please pray for Marcello that everything goes according to plan!

After an amazing conference with Elder Neil A Anderson we were able to make it back in time for Ligia´s baptism this past Saturday! It could not have gone better. The spirit was so strong and many people came to support her. Including her boyfriend who isn´t a member....yet :) The Relief Society even had refreshmants waiting! We didnt even ask them to do that! What is this place? Oh yeah, paradise!
So basically I am just as happy as ever with a heart full of gratitude and love. Thanks for all your prayers and support, as you can see they really do make a difference in our work!!!!

-Sister Peck

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things are great here!

Well as usual, things are great here! We had a miracle fall from the sky! We received a referral, Ligia from a member and met her two weeks ago at church. When we met with her we found out she has already investigated the church for quite sometime, been taught by the missionaries, etc. Only she never felt that it was "her time". Well as luck (quer dizer, o plano de Deus) would have it, she feels that NOW is the right time and wants to be baptized! She is so prepared its unbelievable. Her testimony is rock solid and everything she said just strengthened mine! Her baptism will be this Saturday! I am so excited for her!

We are now teaching Luca´s parents, and although they have not yet accepted an official baptismal date, I am confident that they will soon. I actually don´t get sad when investigators decline the baptismal invite because that means to me that they are actually paying attention and are serious about the covenant of baptism! They have agreed to keep attending church (because they love it!) and continue receiving our visits. I am very excited for this family.
I am so incredibly grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings in a world full of chaos. I know the Savior has given each of us the opportunity to embrace that peace as we come to know Him. I am especially mindful of the gift of the Resurrection that we celebrate this time of year. He truly does live! Although He died for us, He rose on the third day and He continues to live. In my Mom's letter, she shared what Sister Daines said in the Belle Terre ward sacrament meeting. I love the symbolism..."empty manger, empty room, empty garden, empty tomb." I hope each of us will reflect on the true meaning of those words.

Another great blessing of the gospel is the privilege of hearing an Apostle of the Lord speak! Next week, Elder Neil A. Anderson is coming to speak with us so we are all very excited! It is always so uplifting and insightful. Its on the same day as Ligias baptism so I´m praying that we make it back on time and that all will feel the full impact of the Spirit. We are doing our best to find new people to share the gospel with and the Lord is providing many blessings! As always se cuidem e até logo gente! Um abraço!

-Sister Peck

Monday, April 18, 2011

I love Eden!

I think the Lord is really opening my eyes and increasing my faith. I am learning that there really are people whom the Lord is preparing, many of them in fact, we just have to find them! They are waiting for to hear the gospel from us! What a blessing it was to be a part of a baptism this week of a young man named Luca. The sisters contacted him on the street and after the first lesson he gained a testimony of the truthfulness of the resorted gospel. He is amazing! The baptism was incredible. His whole family came, many of his friends and neighbors, and the branch supported him too! The spirit was so strong, his mom even cried! She loved the peaceful feelings. His parents came to church the following day to watch him be confirmed too. What a blessing! We are going to try to work with his whole family now too. What an impact this decision Luca made will have on the lives of so many others! His family, friends, when he serves a mission, etc. I feel so blessed to have been able to help teach and prepare him (a little because he was already prepared!

The funny part of the baptism was that the water in the baptismal font doesn´´t drain! It was still full from the last baptism the sisters had! So we spent all saturday morning taking water out with back is STILL killing me! Appaerntly its been a problem for a while, but I hope they get it fixed soon!!! The water from Lucas baptism is still there because we just didn´t hvae the energy to take it out!!

We are also teaching a wonderful young man named Henrique. I love Henrique! He is 20 and has lived "the way of the world" his whole life. He has such a desire to change but is afraid of getting baptized and messing up after. We are doing all that we can to encourage him and tell him that YES it is possible! I even made him a calendar and a list of goals to mark off each day that he read the scriptures, prayed, didnt drink/smoke, etc. (I know totally sister right? lol) but he is so good! He is so true to his word and is reading the Book of Mormon every day. His baptism was marked for the 30th but he couldnt make it to church this Sunday unfortunately so it will have to be postponed a little. Pray for Henrique!

Well I could go on forever about how much i love this area and my adorable companion. I have never been happier because I am truly learning what it means to "lose yourself in the work". Everything just goes so much better! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the humble people of Eden and really end my mission with a bang! Um abraço!

-Sister Peck

Monday, April 11, 2011

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put [Sister Peck]...

Oi! Oh my gosh how can I express my love, joy, gratitude, excitement, everything in one e-mail? I wrote a million letters today to everyone explaining about how I was transferred to Eden so I feel like everyone should know already but I realize that practically no one knows! Only the 7 people to whom I wrote letters! So here I am in the Garden of Eden! ! I was finally transferred out of the capital and let me just tell you it has been THE best thing that has ever happened to me! Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous when I found out (up until I got on bus I was waiting for the Elder to tell me he was joking) because my first experience out here wasn´t exactly....umm the best? BUT I was fortunate enough to be with my beloved companion Sister Steinbeigle the night before she left for the U.S. and we talked until 3 AM (when I began to pack my bags!). She helped me soooo much! More than she will ever know. And I decided right there to stop thinking about my dumb self and GET TO WORK! The Lord called me to Eden so to Eden I will go! The first thing I noticed when I got here was the blazing sun, dang. BUT one of my goals is not to complain! The next thing was that my camera was missing! After 3 days of sorrow I was relieved to discover that I had left it on the bus and it had been found. I now have little sticky notes all over my house that say 'FORGET YOURSELF AND GET TO WORK!" And you know what? It´s working! The funny thing is this place is so incredible I don´t even have time to think about me! I left my last two areas completely mentally exhausted and drained and now I am PUMPED to get to work!

The difference between here and Caxingui/Vertentes is drastic. I will never speak badly about my last area because I loved it there, differently. There were many people who touched my life profoundly and I will forever be deeply grateful for the experiences I had there. But in the words of Sister Steinbeigle Eden is a "breath of fresh air" LITERALLY! It is so darn peaceful here!Sometimes it feels like I´m on an island because it´s in the middle of nowhere. Instead of traffic, people ride horses for goodness sake! Instead of working in the oldest stake in Brasil, I am serving in a teeny-tiny branch that only has existed two years! The people here are the nicest, most humble, willing to work, help, and serve that I have ever met in my life. The recent converts: incredible. Our investigators: even more so! We will be baptizing a young man, Luca, this Saturday who is so elect! He even bore his testimony yesterday in church! I just sat in sacrament meeting and cried yesterday. I felt so strongly that this is where I am supposed to be right now. There is so much to be done here and I am refreshed and ready to do it! I could go on forever because there is so much to say but mainly I just wanted everyone to know that I am happy. Probably happier than I have ever been. Wanna know why? Because I´m not thinking about me! Why has it taken me a year to figure out the key to success? My mind is completely wrapped up in what I can be doing for others and it´s a wonderful feeling. I feel so incredibly blessed. So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and knows that I need this. Or better, that HE needs ME here to help HIS children. I haven´t even mentioned my companion who is also just a doll! She is from Bahia (just like my trainer!) We get along great and sing Celine Dion all day long together! Ahhh where am I? Oh yeah! Paradise! It is very possible that I will end my mission here and how great would that be!!! I sure hope it happens. There is no where else I´d rather be! Sending my love and all the positive energy I´ve got cuz I have plenty to go around! :D
-Sister Peck

Monday, April 4, 2011

Temple Day and More

Our friend Leonardo!
Sister Lund and I look the same!

Oi gente!

E aí pessoal? Blz? Things are going pretty well down here. Right now I am on my FOURTH trio in my mission! Can you believe it? How many people can say that? We had an emergency transfer and Sister Lund left suddenly this past week. My companionship now consists of Sister Felipe, Sister Andréia, and me! I have to get used to speaking Portuguese 100% of the time again because I have been with an American companion now for 7 months! The end of the transfer is coming soon though and I feel like I will probably leave. Never know though! Could it be that I will stay for 9 months in the same area?! Vamos ver! lol. Our adorable Francisco received the preisthood on Sunday. That is always a wonderful thing to see. And we will be having another baptism of a girl named Nagila this coming week. She is a young woman who loves young womens! and how could you not? I dunno because I loved Young Womens. She has been going to church for about a month and is already working on her Personal Progress! What increddible programs have been developed for the youth of our church. I don´t think as youth we can even comprehend what a blessing it is to have leaders who care about and pray for us. How inspired programs like mutual, seminary, Personal Progress and Duty to God are. They really are there to help us make goals and correct decisions that will help lay the foundation for our futures! Missions, temple marriage, callings, not to mention success in college and in the business feild, everything! Anyway I have a testimony that truly they are inspired programs. I think I always knew but I am learning to appreciate it more and more as an adult. If you are a youth do them! If you are a parent, encourage your kids to do them! Prometo que o Senhor via te abençoar MUITO! Amo voces e até a próxima!

Com amor,
Sister Peck

Come listen to a Prophets voice!

Hey everyone! Wasn´t General Conference just incredible? I just relish any opportunity to listen to the words of our beloved prophets and apostles. What a privlege! I always learn so much and feel so blessed to be a part of the Lord´s church! As we were on our way to the stake center yesterday I thought to myself "What are all these people doing?? Don´t they know the prohpet is about to speak! Stop cleaning your house, walking your dog, talking on your cell phone, whatever and just come listen to his voice!" There are so many people who didn´t even know! They missed out but it wasn´t they´re fault, it was mine. What a tremendous responsibility we have to TELL and SPREAD the message that there is again a man on earth with authority who receives revelation and speaks for our Father in Heaven. Ah I just get so excited about it! I was so happy to see four of our investigators there though! Vanessa and Nágila, who will be baptized this Saturday and our new friends Diego and Wilma. It was they´re first time at church! Imagine your first exposure to the church being General Conference and hearing the words of a prohpet! I don´t know, I think its amazing! I prayed the entire time that they were feeling the spirit and understanding. I´m sure they did though, how could you not right??? Seemed like the main topic was families, families, families! How to maintain eternal families, Family Home Evening, get to the temple and do family history, be an example for your children, etc. There is such a need right now to have our families in order! Satan will stop at nothing to destroy the family. This has become so evident to me on my mission. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But what an absolute blessing to know that if we just do what is right, follow the prophet, seriously DO WHAT HE SAYS, we will have no need to fear. Home can be a Heaven on earth. There doesn´t need to be so much trial and suffering and sadness in the home. We were blessed with families so that we could grow, learn, and experience. A home based on Christlike atributes is a home of safety, refuge and peace. On my mission I have seen numerous families who are not members of the church who have very happy homes! Who live good lives and have lots of love. To these people I say Parabéns! Now please allow us to ADD to the things that you already treasure. Who doesn´t want even MORE happiness. Etermal happiness that doesn´t end after death! These eternal truths and doctrines we learn in Christs church which is here on the Earth today, which we can learn from a living prophet! WOW! Um I just basically love Conference. Hope everyone is doing wonderfully!!!
Com amor,
Sister Peck