Monday, June 6, 2011

My companion has a whole line of scorpions!

This week we were privileged to be a part of Renatos baptism that went through wonderfully. He works with our Branch President so it was an honor for President Ricardo to perform his baptism as well as his confirmation the following day. His entire family came and loved it (of course) and the spirit was so strong! His wife, Mileide, unfortunately works almost EVERY Sunday but it was a miracle that she had the day off this Sunday and was able to attend Sacrament meeting to watch his confirmation. We are working with her, she still has a few doubts but really likes the church. She goes to almost every activity its just as I said, getting to church on Sunday is a bit tricky. But our goal is to baptize her soon (actually have Renato baptize her) and have them be a complete family in the gospel!
We had lots of investigators in church on Sunday too so that was a blessing. Henrique is...well he is good! Right before Sacrament meeting the 1st counselor asked me "Sister, do I need to announce a baptism for this week?" and I replied "Just a sec, let me see." And I sat down next to Henrique and asked "President would like to know if he needs to announce a baptism for this week. what do you think?" hehe. And he said "What do you mean? Mine? ...ummm okay. Pode ser." hahaha. I was SO happy, the ward was so happy, I sure hope Henrique was happy. He told us that it seemed that every talk/lesson on Sunday was directed especially for him. He even fasted yesterday for 24 hours all by himself! I´m so proud of him and for the process he is going through to change. I feel that he is ready he just needs to have the confidence to know that he is ready! I am praying so hard that his baptism goes through this week.

Training is also going very well! It doesn't feel like training, it feels like I have a rad roommate who I get to teach the gospel with every day! Sister Pedroso is an incredible missionary and I totally love working with her. She will be (is already) a huge asset to the mission. She is such a good example to be of obedience and love for everyone she meets. We really are having so much fun as we work! Men have already called asking her hand in marriage, hahaha. Guess we´d better be careful huh? ;) Things are wonderful as always! Até mais!
-Sister Peck

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