Monday, June 27, 2011

Proud to be an American

E aí pessoal? Como vocês estão? We´re doing well here in the Garden of Eden! Our new mission President arrives tomorrow and I´m excited to meet him! We have a conference this Friday to get to know him and his wife, should be great!

We were blessed with new people to teach this week, including a young man named Fabricio. He is so happy and positive despite his broken arm and broken family. He´s only 17 and has an incredible amount of faith. It was very impressive to see. He should not be the good kid that he is because of the daily situation that he lives in. His mom died a few years ago in a car accident and he lives in a home where love is defintely not shown. His Dad and step-mom get drunk every night, fight, beat each other, him, his younger siblings, etc. He even showed us blood on the wall from a recent fight. It was horrifying. He told us that when his step-mom goes to beat his younger siblings he steps in the middle because "I would rather her beat me than let them suffer." He told us that he prays every day and night that God will send angels to his home and change the hearts of his parents so that there will be love in their home. We all cried together as Sister Pedroso bore her testimony of the gospel and how it changed and is changing her family. She came from a similar situation but was able to give hope to Fabricio. I don´t know what it´s like to be born and raised in a horrible situation like this. But I do know that God is aware of Fabricio and hears and has answered his prayers, even if he doesn´t know it yet--not saying that we´re necessarily angels or anything, lol. But really it was a very moving experience for me to be with him and hear his faith. We were able to share with him that families can be happy, show love, and be together forever. This is Heavenly Father´s plan. He doesnt want any one of His children to suffer. Fabricios situation made me feel so spoiled but grateful for my family and the love that has always been present. I have never doubted the love that my parents had for each other and for me, what a blessing. There are so many homes/families being destroyed by Satan because of a lack of love. Think of how much better the world would be if we demonstrated more love for not only our neighbor, but inside our own home. What a privelege it is to be able to be here and help individuals like Fabricio know that there is hope, that he doesnt have to go through this alone, that Heavenly Father knows and loves him, has a plan for him, and that families really can be together forever.

I´m not trunky (ready to come home) but last night we had dinner with a member and he said "Sister I have something to show you!" He put on a clip of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem at a baseball game with everyone waving american flags. Oh my word. I just stood there and bawled. Its been SO long since I have heard the National Anthem and it made me so proud to be an American!! Brasil will always have a special place in my heart but I cant help but love my country! Can´t wait to go to a baseball game again too! hahaThe irmao told me that he does this with ALL the American missionaries. dang it! Anyway hope everyone has a great week! and God Bless America! and VIVA BRASIL!

Com amor,
Sister Peck

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