Monday, August 22, 2011

Esta semana!

Hi everyone!

This was a good week for us as Lucimara was baptized! The spirit was very strong and there was a great turn out from both members and investigators. It went perfectly. She was very happy and so were we! What a blessing it is to be able to help individuals understand the truth and make covenants with God. It is so evident that this is what SHE wants both for her and for her children. It was really a great service.

On Sunday, after Lucimara´s confirmation, me and my companion sang with the Releif Society in Sacrament meeting and I had the privellege of looking out into the congregation and seeing ALL of the recent converts that have been baptized since I´ve been in Eden! What a beautiful sight that was! I instantly became emtional and couldn´t sing very much after that. It´s hard to end a mission isn´t it? I took a picture with all of them after. That is all of my recent converts for now......theres still a lot of time left!!!! :D

We were able to have a good meeting with Bruno´s parents the other day and I think it helped a lot. We were able to explain how we really only invite the people we teach and if they recieve an answer and have a desire they choose to be baptized which is what happend with Bruno. His mom seemed to be better about that and said she would speak more to him about it. So maybe we will just have to be a little more patient with the situation. He is an elect and choice young man of the Lord. His testimony astounds me and even if I won´t get to be here for his baptism, okay I will be sad, but it will be okay! It´s not about me, whats important is that he gets baptized!!

Today, P-day, was one of the best I´ve had in a looooong time! We went to a city called Votorantim and got together with all of the sisters again and had lunch at a members house.....a family that is AMERICAN!!!! So that was pretty much awesome! The father is here working for a few years and the whole family came with him. Today we had tacos and laughed and spoke English the whole day! Yeah it made me even MORE trunky.....dang it.....but I´m hanging in there! Like I said its an emotional roller coaster to end your mission. One day I´m crying cuz I dont want to leave the next day I´m eating mexican food and countind down the days! hahaha. Anyway have a great week e até semana que vem!

-Sister Peck

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