Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selado no Éden!

Last P-day when we received the call from our LD that we would be staying together we both screamed for joy (and actually cried a little too!) I did not want to die in a different area nor with a different companion. Suffice it to say we are very thrilled that nothing has changed. But it is still strange to think that very soon this will all be over and be just a memory. But I´m trying my hardest not to be trunky!!! I mean we´re still working hard and having success but sometimes its easy to get distracted and start thinking about home and then I realize that honestly there is no where I would rather be than right where I am, serving the Lord and the people of Brasil.

My knowledge and testimony of different aspects of the gospel sure has grown tremendously over the past year and half. One thing in particular is of the power of the enemy and just how real he is. For example there is a recent convert here who was baptized with 25 years. Unfortunately that's too late for him to serve a full time mission but he had such a great desire and received special permission from the first presidency to go! We were all SO excited for him. Sister P and I told him the first day we found out he´d start preparing to be a missionary that he would be tempted tremendously, now more than ever. A mission is a very important and sacred experience and Satan knows this and doesn´t want you to go. We tried hard to warn and help him but unfortunately he is now being very rebellious and isnt even going to church. It makes me SO sad. The power of Satan is so real.

I see the same things happen the weeks of our baptisms. EVERYTHING imaginable happens to make it so the baptism doesnt. It´s incredible. Last week Lucimara´s uncle had a stroke and her family was all in a panic, of course because its a big deal and sad. But to me it was just so obvoius that somethign like this would happen and that we would have to move back her baptism. Fortunately Lucimara told us that she TOO understood this and that she woudnt delay her baptism beacuse of something that could happen any day but because she wanetd more than anything for her family to be a part of this very important day. so now its marked for this Saturday and we are praying so much that nothing happens and that it goes through!

We are also having difficulties with our elect Bruno who is already practically a member. He is beyond ready but his parents are apprehensive to let him be baptized. We are doing our best to help his family as a whole but naturally the Lord has a plan for everything and maybe its just not the right timing yet. (though I really hope it is because I want so much to see him get baptized before I go home!!!)

I know the church is true and that miracles happen daily. I´m grateful to be a missionary and if I had it my way I´d never let this adventure and journey end! It´s such a blessing and privilege to be here. Abraços and Bjus!

-Sister Peck

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