Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special Experience

Tudo bem gente? Como vai? Tenho boas noticias! Marcelo was baptized on Saturday! It was a special experience. Very different than other baptisms that I have been apart of. I have been able to help teach and prepare many people enter the waters of baptism on my mission so far but I have never seen someone so truly converted as Marcelo! His completely humble and meek nature is so inspiring. He barely speaks, but when he does it is to bear a simple, powerful testimony of the change that he has felt in his life and his gratitude to be able to "start over again". His whole family are inactive members except for his Dad, who is there every Sunday despite the LONG distance (about a 20 min drive) from their house. What a privelege it was for Irmão José to baptize his oldest son after so many long months of going to church alone. What a blessing to have his ENTIRE family on the same bench in sacrament meeting as he confirmed Marcelo a member of the church and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost with the Preisthood that he holds and honors. It was really touching to witness. Hopefully because of the tremendous example of José and now Marcelo they will both be able to help bring their mom and other siblings back into full activity!

As of right now our goal is to have two baptisms this weekend (Jessica and Henrique) and two the following (Renato and Gabrielly). Let´s pray that they happen! I don´t really have much else to say today other than I am so grateful to be a missionary! For any young man out there....don´t even think twice about not going! And for and young woman who has already thought once, I would encourage you to think twice! haha, seriously missions are the BEST! you just don´t have anything to lose but yourself and when that happens you truly GAIN! I can testify completely to that!

Com muito carinho e amor,

Sister Peck

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