Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feliz Dia das Maes!

Wow it seems like yesterday that I called home for Mother´s Day! Parabens to all the Mothers out there, my grandmas, aunts, friends, everyone! What a blessing it is to be women and to have the privelege to bring Heavenly Fathers children into the world! We have a divine responsibility to teach and instill correct principles in these precious souls in a world where there seems to only exist confusion. How else are our children going to learn what´s really right from wrong if not in the home?? Certainly the media, internet, etc is not going to teach it. I have such a testimony of choices needing to start IN THE HOME! As we listen to the prophets and apostles, how many times do they counsel us to have regular family scripture study, prayer, family home evening, dinners together, etc. Do they do it because its something cute and sounds nice? Or is it because there is something more deep we can learn than it may appear at first? These things are SO important! I am so grateful to have had such a great example from my Mother, my Grandmothers, and many MANY women in my life who have helped me learn at an early age to make correct choices. Thank you!

I feel like I don´t have a lot to say since I said so much yesterday on the phone but things are still going really well in Eden! Loving it like always! Marcellos baptism unfortunately wasn´t able to happen on Saturday but has been remarked for this Saturday. We are preparing some wonderful people to be baptized as well who are so ready! Jessica is a young mother who has really "found herself" in the church and has truly blossomed. We are also teaching an adorable family, Luis Renato and Milaide, who´s only real problem right now is coffee so we´re praying for them! But we had two REALLY great lessons with these two different families this week. We watched "Together Forever", which for those who know, is an old film with cheesy music(I think it has to be even worse in Potguese) haha. But both of these families were deeply moved by the film and to our (great!) surprise became very emotional. So I learned never to underestimate the Spirit! He can totally work through cheese too! hahaha. No but I am super happy to be teaching them and to see the changes that are occurring. We are constantly lookng for new people too. Those who are truly prepared and ready to accept the invitation to follow Jesus Christ! I love what I do! And whats even better is that I get to do it in Eden! :)
Com amor,
Sister Peck

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