Monday, July 25, 2011

Esta semana!

Até que em fim tivemos um batismo! We finally had a baptism after so much time. Jonathan was baptized on Saturday and it was wonderful. It has been a long time since we´ve had a baptism but I really liked something our zone leader said the other day. He told us that the wards which we´re serving in will be much more appreciative of an empty baptismal font for a long time and baptisms every so often of people who are elect and will stay firm in the church, rather than having baptisms every weekend just to have them all go less active soon after. (did that make sense?) He basically told us not to worry about numbers. That really made me feel comforted. When you really forget about the NUMBER and focus more on the people. Jonathan is so elect and we feel privileged to have been able to help him prepare for his baptism. The promise the Elder gave held true too because yesterday we had lunch with the second counselor of the bishopric and he said that very thing! That there was a time when the missionaries here were having soo many baptisms. Unfortunately many of those individuals chose not to remain in the gospel. Obviously we all have our free agency, but for this reason there exists a special preparation BEFORE baptism, oh better I like the word conversion.

As missionaries its our job, our privilege to find those who are or ready or are willing to make the changes necessary to be baptized. It´s an important and essential covenant that we all need to make. It´s a commandment! Even the Lord Jesus Christ, who was perfect, was obedient to Heavenly Father and was baptized. I love being a missionary. I may not convert a nation like the sons of Mosiah, but I can do my part and help the individuals while I am here!

-Sister Peck

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