Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drawing a blank

Hello everyone! not sure what to write today. I´m kind of drawing a blank here at the computer screen. Lets see if I can summarize the week...our shower burned out so we had only cold water, we did a division with the Sisters in a different area, we made LOTS of contacts and met a lot of new people, I got to eat a dessert from the south that my companion made for me called Kuka which is basically spice cake (so good!), hmm lets see what else.... oh yeah! we had a CRAZY tropical rain storm that took the power out forever and knocked down a bunch of trees (gosh it seemed like we were getting cast out of the garden of eden!) and today I have 100 days until I go home! So scary!

I wish I had something inspiring to write I´m sorry that I don´t. I heard this happens towards the end of the mish, you sort of start running out of things to say! But I am NOT trunky, promise. More nervous than trunky. I don't want to go home! I love being a missionary! I say it every day! There is just simply no greater joy! Hopefully next week I have something more important to say!

-Sister Peck

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