Monday, April 4, 2011

Come listen to a Prophets voice!

Hey everyone! Wasn´t General Conference just incredible? I just relish any opportunity to listen to the words of our beloved prophets and apostles. What a privlege! I always learn so much and feel so blessed to be a part of the Lord´s church! As we were on our way to the stake center yesterday I thought to myself "What are all these people doing?? Don´t they know the prohpet is about to speak! Stop cleaning your house, walking your dog, talking on your cell phone, whatever and just come listen to his voice!" There are so many people who didn´t even know! They missed out but it wasn´t they´re fault, it was mine. What a tremendous responsibility we have to TELL and SPREAD the message that there is again a man on earth with authority who receives revelation and speaks for our Father in Heaven. Ah I just get so excited about it! I was so happy to see four of our investigators there though! Vanessa and Nágila, who will be baptized this Saturday and our new friends Diego and Wilma. It was they´re first time at church! Imagine your first exposure to the church being General Conference and hearing the words of a prohpet! I don´t know, I think its amazing! I prayed the entire time that they were feeling the spirit and understanding. I´m sure they did though, how could you not right??? Seemed like the main topic was families, families, families! How to maintain eternal families, Family Home Evening, get to the temple and do family history, be an example for your children, etc. There is such a need right now to have our families in order! Satan will stop at nothing to destroy the family. This has become so evident to me on my mission. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But what an absolute blessing to know that if we just do what is right, follow the prophet, seriously DO WHAT HE SAYS, we will have no need to fear. Home can be a Heaven on earth. There doesn´t need to be so much trial and suffering and sadness in the home. We were blessed with families so that we could grow, learn, and experience. A home based on Christlike atributes is a home of safety, refuge and peace. On my mission I have seen numerous families who are not members of the church who have very happy homes! Who live good lives and have lots of love. To these people I say Parabéns! Now please allow us to ADD to the things that you already treasure. Who doesn´t want even MORE happiness. Etermal happiness that doesn´t end after death! These eternal truths and doctrines we learn in Christs church which is here on the Earth today, which we can learn from a living prophet! WOW! Um I just basically love Conference. Hope everyone is doing wonderfully!!!
Com amor,
Sister Peck

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