Monday, April 4, 2011

Oi gente!

E aí pessoal? Blz? Things are going pretty well down here. Right now I am on my FOURTH trio in my mission! Can you believe it? How many people can say that? We had an emergency transfer and Sister Lund left suddenly this past week. My companionship now consists of Sister Felipe, Sister Andréia, and me! I have to get used to speaking Portuguese 100% of the time again because I have been with an American companion now for 7 months! The end of the transfer is coming soon though and I feel like I will probably leave. Never know though! Could it be that I will stay for 9 months in the same area?! Vamos ver! lol. Our adorable Francisco received the preisthood on Sunday. That is always a wonderful thing to see. And we will be having another baptism of a girl named Nagila this coming week. She is a young woman who loves young womens! and how could you not? I dunno because I loved Young Womens. She has been going to church for about a month and is already working on her Personal Progress! What increddible programs have been developed for the youth of our church. I don´t think as youth we can even comprehend what a blessing it is to have leaders who care about and pray for us. How inspired programs like mutual, seminary, Personal Progress and Duty to God are. They really are there to help us make goals and correct decisions that will help lay the foundation for our futures! Missions, temple marriage, callings, not to mention success in college and in the business feild, everything! Anyway I have a testimony that truly they are inspired programs. I think I always knew but I am learning to appreciate it more and more as an adult. If you are a youth do them! If you are a parent, encourage your kids to do them! Prometo que o Senhor via te abençoar MUITO! Amo voces e até a próxima!

Com amor,
Sister Peck

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