Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Update

I sure love being in a trio! It´s tons of fun! It´s like a slumber party every night! hahaha. I did hear some rumors though (they´re not really rumors when you hear it from the secretaries) that our trio is going to be split up next week though! Dang. I will probably stay here with Sister Lund and Sister Felipe will open an area with a short term sister. Nothings set in stone yet so we´ll keep waiting to hear. Hope she stays! Well whatever the Lord´s will is but it will be hard to say goodbye! Sister Felipe has been such a help here even in this short time!
We had a blessing fall from the sky last week too. A young man named Francisco just moved here from another state to study and work and is living with his sister, who happens to be in our ward! whoohoo! During Carnival, the young men and young women have lots of activities planned (kind of like mini EFY) and he got here just in time! The incredible youth of our ward won Fransisco right over and he is now taking the lessons and accepted a date to be baptized NEXT WEEK! He is so cute. He shows up to our lessons with scriptures in hand! When we say "who can give the opening prayer?" he says "Um can I?" I just beam! It is amazing to me how the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel. I never fail to be amazed at just how aware He is of each of us individually. He knows and loves Fransisco. He knew him when he lived way in the North of Brasil and prepared the way for him to come in contact with the church so many miles away here in Sao Paulo! Our area is SO small and the church is SO old here. It´s so easy to think, "oh its pretty hard to do missionary work and everyone knows everything about the church already." But the Lord knows these people, not me. He knows who is prepared and it is our job (ahem, along with the memebrs) to find them! How fun! It´s like a treasure hunt! And the treasure is better than gold and silver! One member in our ward is excellent. He shares the gospel with any client that comes into his store. He even has is own area book!!!!!!!! Every time he passes a reference to us (which is often) he says "I just want to see everyone I know in the Celestial Kingdom Sisters, thats all. Gotta do everything I can to make it happen!" What an incredible attitude!!!!!!!!
I´m also very excited about a couple we met the other day making contacts in a very chique neighborhood. The man is an owner of a major company here in Brasil whose headquarters are in the states. He speaks English very well but wants some help with some technical/grammatical things. So he invited us over to "teach" him! Actually it was more of a conversation because he speaks perfectly but through that we were able to explain who were are and what we do and invite them to stake conference which is this weekend. They said they would come too!!!! What tender mercies. I am grateful to be a missionary. Its the best job in the world!!! I know I always say that but I still feel that way! I wake up every morning and think "Gosh, how lucky am I?" The church is true and I am blessed to know it! I want to make sure that everyone I know is in the Celestial Kingdom with me someday too and I "gotta do everything I can to make it happen" :)

Com amor,
Sister Peck

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