Thursday, April 29, 2010


The best way to correspond with Emily is at She is able to read those e-mails every Wednesday. She only has 30 minutes of computer time so she first has to read any e-mail she has received and then try to get a letter typed and sent within the 30 minute window. I know her heart is racing trying to remember everything she wanted to say while watching the clock and trying to download pictures, etc....I haven't received any pictures yet, but we are still working on it. Maybe this week!!! Cheri

How is everyone??? I WAS SO HAPPY TO GET YOUR MISSIONTIES LETTER AND PACKAGE!! Oh my gosh. It was pretty much the first letter I have received since being here in the CTM. I assumed that they would forward any mail from the Provo MTC but apparently they dont. They THROW away all dearelders and return regular mail to the sender!! So anyone who sent a dearelder in the last month it didn~t get to me!!!! Please just send it as an email please please please! I~m sorry, I think its kind of an odd system but whatever. Anyway it was wonderful to hear from home. Thank you mom! And me and Sister Przybyla thank you f rom the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs) for the cookies and chocolate!!! That couldn't have been more perfect!!!!!!! Love love loved it!

Ok real quick as I watch the time I was hoping that the South American mosquitos wouldnt like me as much as at home but I was wrong....I basically get eaten alive every day. Im like one walking mosquito bite!!! Its kind of a bummer but oh well. I just hope I dont get some weird disease like malaria or something....any idea for preventativeness?? Also I´m glad you shared that story about the lady who enjoyed the song Anna and I sang. That song gets stuck in my head often "My Kindness Shall not depart from Thee". I was you think tehres anyway to attach that as an Mp3 so I can listen to it? Or not. I may not ever have speakers on a comptuer. Just a thought. So Elder Russell M Nelson came to the CTM last week!! What an increddible opportunity to be able to hear from ANOTHER apostle of the Lord!!! We actualyl got to all meet him and shake his hand individually. Gosh I~m just so grateful to have been able to go to both MTCs! Seriously what a blessing. Well I think I~m going to spend the rest of my time trying to attach pictures. I love you all and love to hear from each one of you!! Please be patient in my response. Mail takes a little longer here than in Provo.... But I have a testimony and know that this is the Lords true church established once again on the Earth! I have so much to be thankful for and I~m so grateful to be a missionary at this time! Only TWO more weeks in the MTC before I am a REAL MISSOINARY!! Today at the temple I met a ton of elders AND SISTERs who are from my mission!!! They made me so excited to get out and serve!!! Alright well keep in touch! Talk to you all soon... Sempre, Sister Peck

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