Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy P-Day

Actually its an ACTUAL holiday in Brazil toady but I dont remeber what its called so Im celebrating Pday! :) Unfortunately that means that the post offices are closed and that we cant send letters. Bummer. First things first, I~m not sure what the mission ties thing actualyl is. In fact I dont even think I am allowed to use it as of last week they made that announcement. Some of the missionaries still do, but yeah I dunno. I think its just an easier way to receive letters from home because dearelders appaerntly get sent to the Provo MTC and then actually mailed here!! So it takes like a week to get them. But dearelder might just be easier. I dont care either way, really. Someone said it cost money?? If so don~t do it! Save the money and just send dearelders since thast free! Then I can get actual letters in the mail! yay!

This week has been awesome. The highlight was definitely going out and proselyting!! Of course we were real nervous at first with our limited Portuguese. But prior to leaving, my district had the idea to watch Elder Hollands talk on the Book of Mormon from last October conference and it really got us pumped and filled with the Spirit!!! It was hard at first...but then we just did it! We jsut talked to people! With our limited language skills we were able to communicate! Amazing. Whenever someone would start talking, of course we didnt understand them, so we~d smile and nod and then bear our testimony about the BoM!! We were able to place EIGHT Books of Mormon! Which of course we thoguht sounded like a lot! But then the more I thought about it, thats only eight people that have the truth in a city of millions of people!!! There is SO much work to do and I am SO SO SO excited to get out there and do it!! What an increddible experience it was. We definitely don~t get that opportunity in the Provo MTC! We were even able to get two addresses from people who wanted the missionaries to come over and talk to them! We ran into the "real" missionaries, and gave them the referral information and they were STOKED! Apparently the Sao Paulo North mission gets a lot of referrals from the CTM proselythign missionaries!! Cool huh?! I still think that the two people we met were actually just members who were pretending to make us feel better!! hahaha!!!! Eitehr way it was a powerful experience! Next week we will get to do it again in another part of Sao Paulo similiar to Times Square in New York!!!!! They REALLY prepare you for the field here!!! In more ways than one....the food is always always always rice and beans. Good thing I like rice and beans but some times it does get a little monatonous. Its good though. Dont come here if youre planning on losing weight tho. Rice beans and bread is basically what we eat! So yeah! But I do like it.

Somedays I find myself day dreaming about Red Robin french fries though....or a Caeasr Salad from Olive Garden.....mmmmmmmm........haha okay. Waht else?? Have I told you about my Brazillian rommates that shower three times a day? I think I mentioned that last emial, its pretty funny. Its such a small world in the church though because we found out that Sister Campos boyfriend served with Luke Millar (Laura Nowlings boyfriend) she knew exactly who I was talking about!! So you~ll have to tell Sister Nowling!! Gosh I wish I had more time to write all my experiences. I guess its different when we get out into the field. We get a lot more time. So for now you get a basic summary. Elder Nelson is coming to speak to us tomorrow! We´re all very excited. Its a VERY big deal here. In Provo when the apostle came we didnt know til he walked in the door. Here theyre turning the place upside down and making it perfect. So its funny! I feel like there was more I was going to write but I can~t rememebr!! my time is short so I must go. But know that this work is so important!! It~s amazing!! The Book of Mormon is true and it is for everyone!! If I~ve learned anything so far its that by small and simple things are great things come to pass. I feel so small and inadequate sometimes, but the Lord can make us stronger!! He needs us to carry on His work so he qualifies us for his work!! Even though what I can say in Portuguese is only basic, like what a little girl in primary wuold say, its powerful!! It can have the same impact! I cant wait to be fluent and realyl be able to asy what I feel but I'll be pateint (the christlike attribute that i~m striving to develop every week!!!) I love each of you!! Thank you tahnk you thank you for your emails and letters and thoguhts and prayers!! I couldnt feel more blessed and happy than I do right now. Until next week everyone!! Ate logo-- Sempre, Sister Peck

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