Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mais uma semana!

Today I made TACOS!!!! Thanks to my mom for sending taco seasoning, we were able to enjoy a great Mexican lunch in Brasil! I don´t have too much to say today other than we are just eagerly waiting to find out about transfers....we usualy dont find out until late. We may stay as a trio for next transfer! Who knows. I really dont have too much to report but we did have some incredible experiences this week! We had an exceptional lesson with Novena and her husband on Friday night. We brought a member with us who speaks English and it just couldn´t have gone better!

The spirit was so strong and we were all very much in awe of this elect family. Mario is reading the Book of Mormon every day. He told us that he really is into the story but is noticing that it is more important what he is feeling rather than reading! We just got Novena a Book of Mormon in english so she hasn´t started it yet but she is really excited about the unity it will bring their family on a spiritual level. Our goal with them is to get them to church and then a baptismal date. They´re even married legally! We are all basically enamored with their family, her Australian accent, everything!

We also taught Jean and Orlando! Orlando was a referral from the Internet. Turns out he met a brand new elder at the airport who had just arrived from the united states. In his broken Portuguese he bore his testimony and invited Orlando to meet the missionaries, who happen to be..... us! Orlando was very touched by this humble young man and that´s where we come in! It was a great lesson. He had wonderful questions and is very excited to learn more. Isn´t it amazing how the Lord works? Surely by small and simple means are great things brought to pass.
Other than that we have been working very hard to talk with everyone through contacts and find new people! I am so happy and healthy, well somedays (hehe) and love to be on the Lord´s errand! Sorry I don´t have more to say. Or maybe you´re grateful since I usually write a novel! ;) The gospel is true! Look for missionary opportunities and open your mouth like the elder in the airport! Love you all! Até mais!

-Sister Peck

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