Friday, January 7, 2011

Feliz Ano Novo!‏

Well this week has been pretty much the same as last, staying inside and resting my darn ankle. We decided to call it our "Winter Holiday" (since we have to be politcally correct right?) Thankfully we get LOTS of studying done and LOTS of companionship bonding time! haha. But we were able to leave and get some visits done thanks to rides from members. We taught Paulinho and Fabiola who are doing great! Both have stopped smoking and are just progressing wonderfully. Same thing with Pricila. She is just WOW. Every missionaries dream. She is 29 and very sucessful in her job, which also means shes very busy. So we only get to meet with her about once a week. We went to go teach her and she was pracitcally beaming with enthusiasm!

She told us how much she loved the Gospel Principles book and how much she is learning. Her very nice Dad Leo, who is catholic, came in the room as we were speaking to her and she decided to ask him some questions. SHE began to teach HIM about the council in Heaven, the Holy Ghost, the Atonement, EVERYTHING in perfect detail. My companion and I just sat there with bocas abertas (open mouths). Then I handed her my nametag and told her she was more qualified to teach than I. hahaha! She explained to him that church is like a school where we can learn and ask questions and she was facsinated by that. I began to think of just HOW lucky we are as members of the church. Truly we take the things we have for granted, seminary, institute, sunday school, mutual, everything! We truly do have all the opportunities to learn and grow and progress right at our fingertips! These individuals are just incredible. They astound me! They make me so happy! We have tried various times to mark baptismal dates with them but they both tell us to calm down and not get too hasty. At least they know thats what they are working towards. We´re really hoping that we will be here to see them get baptized as the next transfer is only 2 weeks away! Lots of fasting and praying. Since I actually get to leave the house now, we are so excited to work hard this week and find more people to teach! Thank you for your prayers and support! Best wishes for this new year and all my love!

-Sister Peck

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