Monday, January 31, 2011

Clair´s baptism!

Each week we receive an e-mail from the mission with the statistics of how many baptisms there were last week. You can´t help but feel such pride and satisfaction knowing that at least one of those numbers was from your companionship! It is a wonderful feeling. Clair was baptized on Saturday! It was such a wonderful experience, couldn´t have gone better. Of all the people who came, I was most pleased to see that her daughter and grandaughter had come to support her!!!! Her entire family, as is usual, has been so against her decision to join the church and Clair was certain no one from her family would come even though she had invited everyone. Of course her family received a wonderful impression about the church and were very impressed with everything. They asked a lot of questions and seemed genuinely intrigued! Even if THEY`RE baptism isn´t tomorrow, hopefully now they be more open to the gospel. I love the scripture "By small and simple means, great things are brought to pass." Clair, a 73 year old woman, really was the first of her entire family to make this step and who knows where it will go from here! She has opened the door for miracles to occur in her family, both those who are living and those who have already passed. She is very excited about geneology work! Her enthusiasm just astounds me. For example Sunday morning was a big birthday party breakfast for her granddaughter but she had to tell her family she would be late as she would be receiving the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting and it was imperative that she be there! What faith! I am so impressed with her and her strong testimony. At her baptism, as soon as she came out of the water she burst into tears. So did Sister Steinbeigle and I. We ran and embraced her. She felt bad for getting us all wet, but truthfully it felt really good since it´s so dang hot here! Anyway everything went perfectly. I am so proud of her. Sister Steinbeigle and I sang a beautiful arrangement of Joseph Smiths´First Prayer to the tune of "Come Thou Fount" and that was realy a moving moment for all of us. I can´t take any credit for Clair´s baptism, really. She was already ready! We would just teach a principle and her spirit would instantly recognize it as truth and she would accept. I am mostly grateful for what CLAIR has taught ME. Patience, faith, the power of the Atonement and the desire to change, etc. She is a wonderful lady and I am so grateful to know her!

That was basically the highlight of my week if you couldn´t tell. We had many little daily miracles that happened this week that help remind me that the Lord is truly involved in this work. I feel like after all the miracles I shouldn´t be surprised any more, but I am always surprised! And always grateful. Pay attention and you will see them, all around you, every day and every moment!

It´s been very very very hot this past week so to pass the time as we walk in the street making contacts we are playing/singing memorizing games by! For example we´ve already memorized all the prophets, all 50 states, and the countries of South America. Our next goal is to memorize the 13 articles of faith in Portuguese and all the countries of the world! Sister Steinbeigle REALLY knows a song with ALL the countries of the world! Crazy right? Anyway its been really fun. I love my companion. I love my area. I have never been happier! Hope everyone is doing wondrefully! Have a super week!

Com amor,
Sister Peck

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