Friday, January 21, 2011

Adoro ser uma missionária!

E aí gente? Tudo bom?
Well I don´t hvae a lot of time but here´s a synopsis: This week went really well and we are feeling very pleased with the way things are going. Right now we are waiting in anticipation to find out about transfers!!! My guess is that I will stay and Sister Steinbeigle will open and area and train! We'll see what happens. Guess you guys won´t know until next week!
So the other day, after an incredible lesson with Claire, were able to mark a date with her for the 5th of February! She is very excited, as are the members! It seemed that once the date was set, word spread quickly and now the entire ward knows and is preparing! I´ve never really seen anything like it. Everyone is just so excited and eager to help and support. WHAT A BLESSING! She is being very well taken care of and is progressing faster and stronger than we could hope for.
Paulinho is also preparing for his baptism...without a date? This also has never happened to me before. He has asked someone to baptize him and has even chosen the hymns he would like to be sung! It will be soon...we just can´t get him to tell us when! Not sure if he wants it to be a surprise or quite what. But either way he is so great! I am still very impressed with his efforts to quit smoking and willingness to change.
We also had an entire family come to church yesterday as well! They loved it and are planning to come again next week.
Last week I was feeling very inspired and had lots of spiritual things to write about. This week, I've really got nothing coming. Yesterday my cute companion gave a talk in sacrament meeting and we also sang together a beautiful song. Can you guess our topic? Yup! Missionary Work! Her talk was great and very inspiring! Basically as a missionary I am learning so much about how to be a better MEMBER. There are so many things that we can do that I never even thought of! We have a list of 101 ways to do missionary work as a member. When I read it I thought "Wow! What a great idea! Why didn´t I ever think of that?" If you would like a copy just ask and I will send one to the states! ;) I guess the only thing I can recommend to you is never cease to look for opportunities to act as the Savior would act--do what He would do. Reach out in love to those around you. Without members AND missionaries pretty much nothing happens. I am serving in two incredible wards right now and I feel so so so privileged. They just "get it". It´s pretty neat. Yesterday in ward council the whole hour was about missionary work and the ward mission plan. At the very end just as we were about to close the bishop said something cool like, "Sometimes its hard to begin to do missionary work, but if you want a good place to start or at least a good pump up, GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES!" Then everyone started joining in and saying how neat it is to sit in on lessons and bear testimony and see what we do, etc. Ex missionaries get to re-live the mission and those who never served missions get to see what its like! And the investigators get to know members and we get lessons with members, so really EVERYONE benefits! Go out with the missionaries in your ward. Please! It is SO much fun!!!!! Way worth it I promise. Make goals to go at least once a month and I promise you will see blessings happen.
Well that was a lot longer than I intended and now my time is up! But I love you all and wish you a great week!! :) Keep up the good work at home ;)

Com amor,
Sister Peck

P.S. I forgot to mention during the summer here it rains every day. Not just like drizzle, I´m talking like tropical RAIN STORMS! They are incredible and absolutely stun me!!!!! Sometimes I can´t believe I am actually in BRASIL! :)

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