Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loucura em Sorocaba!‏

This week has been nothing short of crazy! Everything has felt completely upside down and out of the ordinary. Fortunately we were able to rent a house--FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Its in a nice neighborhood and very spacious. The lady who lives underneath our house is very nice and a member of the Congregação Cristã do Brasil and whats more?´Oh she doesn't have any dogs. lol. Interesting the little trials we get to endure.....:) However I am feeling very confident that I will be transferred this next week into the capitol (São Paulo) so I will get to enjoy at least one week of sleep! Today we will be spending our entire P-day cleaning and packing and getting ready to move tomorrow.

Remember our Zach Efron look-a-like investigator Marcel? We were so sad that we lost contact with him. He just stopped talking to us and it was really heart breaking because he was really progressing. We did what any sister missionary would do and wrote him a thoughtful note attached to a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and left it at his house. A week went by and we still didn't hear from him. :( Yesterday we were kind of sad because all of the people we invited to church had made excuses as to why they couldnt make it this week. In my morning prayer I fervently prayed for a miracle, that someone would come to church of their own free will. When we arrived at the chapel there was a young man talking to one of the brethren in our ward so of course we went up to meet him. To our SHOCK and JOY there was Marcel! In the capela all by himself!!! It was truly a miracle. We were soooo happy. He stayed for all three hours, loved it, loved our note, and wants to keep taking the lessons. He´s so great. He kept asking questions about serving a mission. We introduced him to our friend Fabricio who served in Japan, who speaks English too. He thought that was pretty trippy. In my broken Portuguese I bore testimony of the power of prayer and that miracles truly do occur. I know Heavenly Father listens to us, even in the smallest of situations. Prayer is real! So are miracles! I cant wait to hear where Marcel gets his mission call in a year!! :) haha, don´t tell him I said that, it would freak him out!

Anyway things are good here. Hope all is well at home and in the states. I hear bits and pieces about the U.S. I guess the troops are removed from Iraq now? Interesting. Well I gotta go. Beijos e abraços

-Sister Peck

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