Monday, September 27, 2010

Esta semana corrida‏

Ola everyone! This week was pretty good, normal. Unfortunately our baptism that we scheduled for Saturday fell through because she was kidnapped! Not literally, but kind of! A little old lady named Maria, she´s 82! She is absolutely adorable! I LOVE HER! She is so elect and has such a solid testimony. She is from Spain and her accent rocks! Unfortunately, her family doesn´t agree with her being baptised and thinks she is crazy. Friday, the night before the baptism, her son told her to pack her bags as they would be leaving in the moring for the country, no idea when they´d return. :( Really. Sad. We were all really at a loss for what we should do. But we were advised from our leaders that all we really can do is just wait and pray. Ah patience.
We are doing the best we can to find the Lord´s elect. Fortunately the members here are super good about giving referrals, (WHAT A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!) so that is a blessing for sure. This past week we had interviews with President (at the mission office two minutes away from our house, YES! LOVE IT!) and he stressed the importance of really teaching about following Christ. Do we love Christ and desire to follow His counsel and be like Him? Then we will truly have a desire to be obedient to His commandments. So far I think its been really helpful advice. Except for the time we asked our investigator and he flat out said no, but he´s just stubborn. He´ll come around!
Just something before I go: I´m serving in the oldest stake in South America right now! How cool is that?! But really I hve never been happier and more excited to work hard and serve. Hope everyone is well! Thanks for the letters, love, support, and prayers! They are needed! Ate mais!!

-Sister Emily Peck

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