Monday, September 13, 2010

Emily's Birthday

When I got the pictures from you guys, yeah!

Wow 6 months on the mission already! Can you believe it?? It has just flown by! I havent heard whether or not I will be transferred this week but its very likely. I´ve already said goodbye to everyone so that would be funny if I stayed! My birthday was wonderful!!!! Our friend took us to lunch, we went to the salon and I got a manicure, and then my companion planned a whole surprise party for me! It was so much more than I expected or needed but it was great. I loved the apple pie and pictures! thanks!!! I may or may not have cried when I saw them........:) The work has been going well too! We had a lot of investigators at my party and at church on Sunday too!! It was wonderful. I got a little emotional during church just thinking about the people I have come to know in this area. I sure hope I was able to be an instrument in the Lords hands and that I made some difference here. Even if it was just to plant a seed. That is alright by me! Everyone has their time and agency. And the Lord has a plan for each of us!
Many people were sad to hear that I wouldnt be teaching the English class any more which made me feel really good! haha. It really has been helping my Portuguese to teach the class.
Well sorry this is so short! I just wish to send my love and (the heat) to everyone back at home! haha. Things are super fine and super hot here. I am happy and one year older! Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday this week!

-Sister Peck

P.S. my new favorite thing is an Avacado milkshake!!!! ITS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!! Avacado, milk, sugar, and you can add an apple for taste (SO GOOD!) ;)

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