Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well another week has come and gone. Things are going well. As I mentioned I was a little nervous to be receiving a new companion in an area that I barely know myself, but so far so good! Its amazing what the Spirit can do. For example I know there's no way I could find all the members and investigators houses alone! When we´re walking I constantly feel prompted to walk in one direction and we some how end up in the right place! Id like my comp to be impressed with my fantastic directional skills, but really I know where the credit is due! Its my job to listen to the subtle promptings of the spirit and be guided! It seems like such a small thing but honestly I am grateful because we cant really afford to waste time wandering around trying to find houses ya know?? many souls to find and teach!! Things are good with my comp. Boy what an adjustment going from one comp to another. She pretty much does thigns completely opposite of Sister Ribeiro. But I don't dislike her methods. I just figure I can learn many good things from both of them! Again its my job to be Jr comp and listen to the directions I´m given. I know its a big change for her too. Apparently the interior (country) is WAY different than the capitol (city). and I hear it all the time. She feels like she has switched missions, I guess. But yeah shes cool and we are learning from each other. Its funny because Sister Ribeiro has had all Brasilian comps and spoke awesome English. Sister de Souza has had all american comps and speaks NO english at all! Its kind of sad because we are all supposed to be helping each other. I guess her other comps just really wanted to focus on the Portuguese so they didnt teach her. But not to worry, I´ve already taught her to say "We are a big deal" and "Whatever" haha.

I cant tell you how much I enjoyed that peanut butter mom!!! I am almost out of it! You dont realize how much I miss/crave something until you cant have it! Cola products for example. Its a rule in our mission that we cant drink Coke or Pepsi products. I have never really been a huge fan of either but its like now that we cant drink them i crave it! Things like peanut butter, fast food, and american chocolate! I even decided the first thing I will eat when I get home! A huge chicken caesar salad!! But you know what I miss more than salad, naps, music, and texting??? The temple. Honestly! And I am actually fortunate enough to have a temple in my mission! Unfortunately, however, since I am serving in the interior (country) we are not able to go to the temple until we are serving in the capitol, or Sao Paulo. I miss it so much!! I try to encourage our members to go as much as possible to receive the blessings there! We are so so so privileged to live so close and have access to so many temples around the world! We can receive so much peace when we go and the service we do there is vital! Its basically the same as what I am doing here in Brazil! missionary work! I love the temple and feel a kind of void because I haven't gone in almost two months! Anyway just wanted to share that little insight to continue to go if at all possible! I hope you guys are still serving every Saturday, oh what a blessing!!!! :) and also if you want to send more peanut butter, by all means feel free to do so!!!!

Things are going super well with Alfonso! He is so elect! Unfortunately we had to postpone his baptism a little because he has to have surgery this week. From what I understood, it sounds like the same surgery Dr. Lessemier reccommended for me! The oblation surgery! Not a huge deal but big enough that he cant be, ya know, submerged in water the next day. I love that I have the same problems as older people....breaking hips, heart conditions....anyway he has a great testimony and we are trying our best to share the gospel with his family. He has had a rough time with his ex wife in the past but he is still positive and such an example! We had some brethren from the ward come and give him a blessing last night prior to his surgery so that was great. I feel very honored to be a part of his progress. He is very special to me! It doesnt matter to me that we only have one baptism date marked right now (yeah it matters to the ZLs) because to me Alfonso is a person not a number! We are doing our part and the Lord will do the rest. We are working hard to find the elect in this area. Making contacts and talking with everyone! Its a lot of work but I love it!!! Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Sister Emily Peck

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