Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Comp

Well my new companion is Sister De Souza. She is very cute and I think we will get along great. Since we have only been together about 3 hours and she only speaks Portuguese, I don't know too much about her. But! I am hopeful that my Portuguese will improve! I really want to try my hardest and study so I can be fluent ASAP. I do know that she is from Parana, has a boyfriend serving in Sao Paulo Sul, and likes the dogs we live with. lol....She was VERY surprised to see how small and.....humble....our place is. Apparently its the smallest the mission. I´m used to it now of course and know exactly why the Lord put me here. So yeah anyway so far so good. I guess shes a very hard worker. She was in her last area for 6 months and had like a trillion baptisms so thats great for this area!! Anyway so wish us luck and pray that we will have success. She has 6 months left on her mission and is pretty sure she will be here for the rest of it. Which probably means I will be here for the same amount of time. That's a loooong time but its fine by me. I like it here!

So about the work. Remember the story about Sister Ribeiro just "knowing" which houses to go to? yeah well that happened quite a few more times and each time it always amazed me. The other day she did the same thing. She felt like we should hit a certain do you say it in English...knock on the door? We don't knock here, we clap. so I forget how to say it....anyway we found a man, Alfonso, who is just, ugh! I adore him!! He accepted the first lesson, baptismal date, came to church, loved it, loved the second lesson, and we´re going to teach him again tonight! He is especially excited about genealogy and temple work. Oh he is just wonderful. And he is so patient and kind to me. He always tells me to try to speak Portuguese without using my comp for help. "I can understand you, try to do it alone." Last night he said something that meant so much to me though!!! It was right during a moment when I was struggling to explain the Plan of Salvation because the vocab is so stinkin hard!! He said when he was sitting next to me in church he noticed that my Portuguese is flawless when I am singing the hymns. He said he could really tell that is how I worship my Father in Heaven. I just really needed to hear that. After that I spoke with so much more confidence and truly let the Spirit teach. I am SO excited for him. And his 11 year old daughter, Leticia also. Anyway I will keep you updated on him!!

What else? I am just really grateful to be here and know this is where I am supposed to be! I hope you guys are well and everything is good at home. Thats so sad about the flooding up in the north. We have heard about it here too....Continue to pray for the people there and all the missionaries in the world! Ate quarta!!

Sempre, Sister Peck

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  1. Do you have your grandpa cycle?