Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feliz Quarta-Feira!‏

Hey Dad, good job writing in Portuguese! I would be proud if you weren't cheating with Google translation!! haha, no its fun to read tho thanks! So we have missionaries living in our house huh?? That's cool. Tell E. Zonner I say hey, he´s way chill. How does it work having Elders living with you? Since they don't have like a separate place, do you feed them every day and everything??? I am so so so so SO jealous that they are sleeping on the temperpedic mattress. Make sure they know they are lucky!!!!!! :) No, really that's awesome that you guys are housing them though. I like living with a member because in case we run out of sugar or something we can just go get it from her! (which by the way, I made French Toast today AND syrup! I MADE syrup! Anyway I was proud, pretty sure my Brasilian comp thinks Americans are crazy.or at least that I am.....)

I like everything about living with a member, except the dogs. Did I tell you one had puppies??? I am SO excited!! I was pretty sure 5 wasn't enough so now we have 8!!!!!!!!! lol. Goodness......So I am looking over my list of things to write about. First I wanted to mention that I get opportunities to sing all the time! It really is a blessing. For baptisms, church, even zone conference! Unfortunately I don't have any music. I knew I should have listened to you Mom and brought at least something. So maybe next package you can put a few copies of some of my church music so I have something. Oh and maybe some instant hot chocolate and apple cider. hahaha. I know that's random but they don't have it here. And can you believe it gets cold in Brazil?? At least in the middle of the night and early in the morning. Okay funny story. So people have asked about how the language is coming. Well I was trying to explain how the Savior is the Shepard and we are his sheep. Well the word for sheep is ovelhas and the word for ears is orelhas. So I accidentally said ´As orelhas oviam a voz do Pastor´ or ´The ears hear the voice of the shephard´ which okay it actually makes sense but not for the analogy I was trying to make!! lol. Now I will tell you a neat experience that happened too.

Okay so call me naieve to the world, my instructor in the MTC did, but I really was clueless as to how organized the USA is. I am referring to addresses. It makes absolutely no sense and it is a wonder how mail ever arrives to anyone here! Let me try to share a quick story. So we made a street contact with a man named Jose one day. We were trying to find his street but couldn't so we asked a lady for help. She suggested one that sounded similar and then of course we made a contact with her too! We wrote down her address and planned to visit her the following day. So we go to Joses street, we hope, and are searching for the number. We pass a random house and Sister Ribeiro says "We need to visit this house after, I have a feeling" ?? Okay...We find the number Jose gave us, and its wrong. We share a message with the lady and ask if she knows Jose. She points to the exact house Sister Ribeiro mentioned to me! I was astonished. When we went to that house it was Joses. We were able to share the first lesson with him even though he gave us the wrong number! The next day the EXACT same thing happened with the lady who helped us find Joses house. She had given us the wrong number too, 75. What the heck??? So we were walking back and we stopped in front of a pink house, #226 and Sister Ribeiro says "I think this is it". We ask the man outside if he knows Fransiana and he said that's his wife!!! Oh my gosh. If this wasn't a testimony builder of how the Spirit is present in our lives I don't know what is! Whether or not these individuals become progressing investigators and join the church is beside the point really. Sister Ribeiro was in tune enough with the spirit to know where we needed to be. How is it possible that we found these people??? Its difficult enough with the CORRECT address!!! I will tell you. Its the spirit. I am so grateful to be learning how to listen to its promptings and to have a trainer who is already so accustomed! It made me very grateful for those who are praying for the missionary efforts all over the world! truly your prayers are being heard and answered! thank you. This may not seem like a big deal to any one else but it strengthened my testimony tremendously!

In other news....things were going so so so great with Luiz and Jose until last night which was their baptismal interview. They both are having doubts again, which I know is common. Specifically since they have both already been baptized. The baptism that was scheduled for Saturday is now canceled and I am heart sick. It is the worst feeling in the world!!! I know we all have our agency but it makes me so sad. Not for me but for them. I know we did all we could do and we should take comfort in that. All we can do now is pray and hope they have a change of heart.....:( I am really learning patience and the Lords timing... Goodness I talked a lot! I had better go! I send my love! Thank you for everything!!! God be with you til we meet again!!

-Sister Emily Peck

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