Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Emily's First Letter

Hi guys!!!

Wow they sure don't give us a lot of time to write so I'm going to hurry through this e-mail. My P-day's are Friday so thats when I'll be writing my e-mails. First of all I love it here!!! It has been nothing short of wonderful and I'm having the time of my life. Thank you both for all your help and letters and everything. You're both amazing and I love and miss you tremendously. This is, as I imagined it would be, EFY on steroids. haha! We always have things to do and I'm on such a spiritual high!! My companion is awesome!! Her name is Sister Przybyla (Prizz-bee-la) and she is from San Fransisco. She looks exactly like my old roommate Chantel!!! Even she thinks so. It's crazy! We get along great and complement each other very well. We're a lot the same but she's athletic and encourages me to be so and I'm helping her with her Portuguese. The language is coming along very well. The Spanish definitely helps a ton!! Although at times it gets a little confusing....but for the most part I'm a step ahead of everyone in my district. There are six of us and we're all waiting for our visas. Actually one Elder got his yesterday! He flies to Brazil on Tuesday. So here we all wait, day by day hoping that our visas come! Speaking of visas, I got called down to the travel office yesterday and was informed that my visa application was about to expire and so I had to re-apply online??? I asked her if that means I was a step behind or ahead and she didn't know. So that's weird....hmm oh well. I have seen both Heather Hawkins and Rebecca Hamilton since being here so that’s awesome!! It's so fun seeing familiar faces! There are so many people here from all around the world GOING all around the world. Embarrassing story, this would happen to me. Yesterday I said "Hello" in Chinese to a bunch of Japanese people!!!! AHHH!! They all laughed. So embarrassing. Oh and also you guys told me not to get any more books and things for my suitcases but let me just tell you that the first day I got here I got like 50 lbs just in books to take to Brazil with me. Awesome. ALSO! They have A MILLION Jody dresses here!!!!! Well, actually they're the same brand, the Adi, but yeah they definitely have them a lot of them. So both Sister P and I got one. We took pictures. When I have time next time I'll have to send pictures!!! Thanks for all your letters and love!!!

Send my letters to my companion's address here, cuz I don't know my MTC address off the top of my head:

BRA-FLO 0510
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UTAH 84604-1793

Also, DEAR ELDER is great!!! Please do it!!! MTC Box number is 185

P.S. IT IS SO DRY HERE!!!! Can you guys send my Cerve maybe?? I have like eczema on my hands and yeah it’s just real dry. THANKS!!!

Guys I love you sorry I can't write more!!!

P.S.S. I was made senior companion, if that means anything at all. And also no I don't think I need a popcorn popper mom, thanks though. haha. We get fed plenty here. Although I don't think I'm going to necessarily gain any weight because we seem to work out a lot too. We do like pilates and stuff in the morning plus both our class and dorm are on the FOURTH floor!!! So yeah we get a lot of exercise. Also there are plenty of sister missionaries here wearing dangly earrings!! haha. Also EVERYONE wears jeans. During P-day and service and stuff. Funny things you learn. It's snowing today, good thing I have clothes for Brazil?? lol. Well my testimony is growing tremendously day by day. There are only six of us in our district and any of us could leave any day depending on when we get our visa. One Elder speaks Tongan AND Samoan AND English and is now learning Portugueuse! He's my inspiration!! Okay I am going to go for real now. I'll try to write more later. Love you guys!! Thanks for everything! :)

-Sister Peck

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