Monday, December 6, 2010

Olá familia!

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately I don´t have very much time to write today because we spent all P-day climbing Pico de Jaraguá! The highest point in the state of São Paulo! Can anyone believe that I did that!?? I sure can´t. It was hot and steep and hard but worth it! I feel very accomplished and it was nice to get outside and do something for a change. Plus I finally took pictures of Stanley! I hope Marshall and Anderson can still use the pictures! He totally had a blast up there!! :D It was a lot of fun but now we are EXHAUSTED, and no time to rest, time to work! We are about to find out about transfers this week too but the elders haven´t called yet. I´m not too worried; pretty certain Sister Steinbeigle and I will both stay here at least one more together. I mean you never really know but look at these stats: 12 missionaries are going home this week 4 of which are sisters. We are only gaining ONE elder!!!! Gosh I hope they don´t end up closing our entire mission or something....

As far as the work goes it´s going well. Missions are very interesting emotional roller coasters. It´s amazing to me how you can feel so happy and on top of the world and the next moment have the carpet pulled out from under you instantly and feel so sad. I´m referring to our baptism which fell thru this Saturday only 2 hours before it started. It was difficult. But we learn and everything is alright. Just a few minutes crying in the street and a lot of praying can really help alleviate a lot of stress. I heard an Elder say once "Sometimes I feel like I´m killing myself to serve these people I love!" And yeah that's basically how we feel sometimes. But tudo bem. The ward is super supportive and he still came to church on Sunday. He will get baptized eventually it´s just not his time right now. As hard as it was for me, I am grateful for what I learned from it. It would take too long to explain everything! But I do know that the Lord gives us challenges and trials for our learning and growth. And really it sounds like this has to do with me, sorry if its coming across that way, but it doesn´t! We end up feeling sad and hurt for our investigators. I don´t know its a hard thing to describe unless you´ve actually been a missionary I suppose. My thoughts aren´t very organized right now because I am in such a hurry. But Luis (our recent convert) bore his testimony on Sunday in front of everyone!!!! Oh my word what joy filled my heart! There is nothing more gratifying. I love this work! I love Brasil! There is no where else I would rather be! I´m sure I am forgetting a million things but its time to go teach a great new couple that we found recently. Love you all so much!

-Sister Peck

P.S. I was telling Sister Steinbeigle yesterday all about Grab Bag and how we would usually be doing it about this time of year! Que suadades!!! :D

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