Monday, August 23, 2010

vez enquanto, quando voce acredite!‏

This week was much better than the last one, stressful still, but better! And goodness how the weeks are flying by now that P-days are on Monday! Not sure how its changing things so drastically but it is! Good news numero um is that we found a house!!! I´m really amazed by the tender mercies from Heavenly Father. Allow me to tell you a quick story: One day we were walking around trying to find a store to make XEROX copies but nothing was open. We found one that we walk by every day but never had paid any attention to before. The young man behind the counter, Xico, (she-ko) was happy to help us with our copies and whatever else we needed! We became fast friends with him. He has helped us with so much from, making CDs for investigators, copies for church, whatever, and he always gives us free ice cream! One day we figured it would be a good idea to ask him about a house and as it turns out his brother owns an apartment complex and had one available. When we went to look at it it was beyond perfect. Definitely a miracle for us because we have been searching and searching and its been frustrating because our work isnt progressing because we have to find a house! Whats even better is that Xico is now reading the Book of Mormon!!!! However we´re not teaching him because he unfortunately doesnt live in our area. But we will pass his info to the elders soon. He also promised to help us move and buy us pizza on our first day! Xico helped us find a home and we´re helping him to GET back home! :D Isnt it great to help each other?!

Miracle number two: When I arrived here in Parque das Laranjeiras there was a family recently baptized by my trainor, well almost a whole family. Only the dad and son and daughter. The mother decided not to be. However ever since I´ve been here she has atteneded church every Sunday, goes to institute, holds FHE, even invites friends and family to church! Basically what we call a "dry member" Shes basically a member just not baptized! Well yesterday she was! It was a miracle for sure. The spirit at her baptism was so strong. Her husband (recent covert) baptized her and bore testimony after, especially about their goal as a family to be sealed in the temple in one year. I´m pretty sure the whole ward was there and everyone was crying. It was absoultey beautiful to see a complete family. It couldnt have been better!

So all in al things are good. We have had some recent changes in our mission too. For example after the first lesson with an investigator we have to have members with us! its a rule now!! It will be difficult for sure but we´ll do our best. We also have to do 10 contacts per missionary per day. Things like that. We had a ward talent show last week too that was.....alright. It was really chaotic actually and stressful. We´re not the activities committee but we might as well have been. But we did have some investigators come and participate. The professional musicians! I´ll see if i can upload the video for you to watch! Well that's all for now. Hope everyone is well! Com amor aqui no Brasil!
-Sister Peck

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