Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ola! Estou no campo! May 12, 2010

I am so excited to be in the field now! I love my mission president and his wife, they're great. Yesterday we had lunch at their apartment which can hardly be considered an apartment. Its very chique :) Then we had instructions from our APs and then I found out I could only take ONE suitcase with me to the field!!! I dont know who forgot to give me that memo in the CTM, but whatev. So I repacked everything. Then I got to go out with the sisters in the area! We did some proseletismo and since it was one of the sisters last days, because of transfers, she said good bye to both memebrs and investigators. It was great! They included me a lot and had me bear my testimony in Portuguese at each place. I'm already in love with the people here. Um they feed you at every house. Oh my goodness. I think they think I'm lying when I say I'm full but truly I am!!!!! I am sure eventually I'll appreciate all the comida when I am a starving missionary but yesterday I was like more??? we JUST ate!! Anyway it was great thought. Already exhausting and I still havent even learned the meaning of hard work!! Today I met my Brasiliera trainer and shes great! We get along super well and I love her already! She loves to sing, cook, and speak english. haha. In fact all the people I've met want me to speak english to them! I dont know when I'll have the chance to learn portuguese! jk. I speak alot. In fact its really cool because a lot of people are surprised that I'm a new-be. I guess its the spanish influence. What a blessing!! Seriously. The language wont be my trial I dont think. I know there will be other things for sure but I'm grateful that the Lord will be there to help me. Anyway just wanted to give everyone an update that I'm doing fine and it still blows my mind to think that I'm actualy LIVING in south america!!! But I love it. I realize my time is precious here and I want to use every second of it for the good. I am so grateful to be here and recognize the Lords hand in everything that I do. Sempre please feel free to send me e-mails or letters! ;) Thanks for your love and support! Ate mais -Sister Peck

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