Monday, November 8, 2010

Just another week in paradise!

Óla everyone! I don´t think I have mentioned that I enjoy being a missionary yet, so for those of you who don´t already know I LOVE IT! Among the hard work and challenges, there is just so much unexplainable joy I get to experience daily and I am so grateful. We really made an effort this week to invite people to church and it paid off! We had TEN investigators in the chapel this Sunday! TEN! That NEVER happens. It was such a blessing. It was fast and testimony meeting so of course the spirit was so incredibly strong in both wards too.
We were most happy to see William there! He is a 16 year old boy that is, ugh, amazing. We received a referral to go to his house with his name on it, could have been that he asked us to visit through the Internet or something. Anyway when we went to his house he said he never remembered doing anything to ask for a visit from the Mormon missionaries. But now we are teaching his family and its going so well. We are very excited not only for him, but his whole family.
I wish I had time to explain everything and everyone but I´m trying to learn how to shorten my e-mails a little bit! The work is going so well here in Caxingui/Vertentes. We feel so blessed to be teaching so many great individuals/families. We received a call from our Zone Leaders the other day who said that they had made it into one house and taught only one lesson. We know that here in the capital it´s tough so we feel very grateful for the people the Lord has blessed us with to teach. We are doing all that we can, and sometimes even more! For example, one day this week we got up early and went on a RUN!!! Can you believe it!! WOW! SUPER SISTERS!! Our ZL said he looks up to us and everyone will probably want to be us for Halloween next year! hahaha. Tomorrow we are painting a house of a part member family. We are really trying hard to mark a baptismal date with the husband, Fábio. But I´m excited to paint a house! ummm I don´t think I´ve ever done it before! haha!
Well I don´t have very much to say today. Only that I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven. So happy to be here serving no melhor missão do mundo!! Hope everyone is well! As always thanks for all your prayers and support!

Sister Peck

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