Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Como eu adoro conferência!

Ah conferência geral! A gente aprende muitas coisas boas! I remember one time at BYU-Idaho my religion professor said to us "Isn´t it interesting how the bretheren are FINALLY speaking about interesting things??" We all just sort of looked at him strangely. Then he continued "The truth is, they have always been saying the same things and in the same way, WE are the ones doing the changing!" It really made sense to me at the time, dont know if it made sense how I explained it just now. But I pretty much LOVE conference now. I look forward to it so much and always leave feeling so inspired, with so much desre to be better and work harder. As a missionary I loved how I could apply everything to my life right now! Teaching, faith, trials, living in the world but not of the world, patience, families, families, families! I could go on forever! How blessed we are to have the gospel and to have the instructions we do from a living prophet! Sorry I havent written more but my time is short! Besides getting water splashed on us by a car this week in the street!!! THAT WAS AWFUL but hilarious!!! Hope everyone is well!!! Thanks for everything!!! COM AMOR, Sister Peck

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