Friday, July 30, 2010

Com fe em cada paso!

We have a baptism this week! Her name is Jenifer and she is the girlfriend of a member here. We started teaching her and she accepted everything so naturally! Of course she is familiar with the church because of her boyfriend, but we felt that she isn't baptized only because no one has invited her! She is a great young woman and I´m so excited for her! We marked two more baptismal dates with the mom and brother of a member in our ward. It really appeared to be the same thing! No one had invited them to be baptized! It really strengthened my testimony and understanding of how important it is that we constantly share our testimonies and the gospel with others! We don't want it to be on our shoulders in the next life that our closest friends and family simply say "Well no one asked me!" That's why we as missionaries seriously talk to everyone!! As we pass people on the street I always think of this "future situation". We seriously never know who is ready and prepared to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I had another great experience this week. I had a really bad migraine on Sunday, that wasn't so great. But we had to go to a fireside all about missionary work. I was absolutely dying and one Irmao, who apparently knew I sang, approached me and asked if I would sing "I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go". It was difficult to say yes under the circumstances of my health. But I agreed. I said a silent prayer and the Lord blessed me with health and strength yet again to bear my testimony through song. I was really surprised how it went and could tell others were touched by the Spirit. I of course knew it had nothing to do with me but was all the Lords doing. The words to the song are truly how I feel too, and I was honored to get to sing. As soon as I was done the headache came back with full force, but I was so grateful for the Lords answer to my simple prayer it didn't even matter! I know He hears and answers us according to our faith and His will. I was reading in Jesus the Christ today about the importance of prayer. One passage struck me in particular. It said something along the lines of "God will continue to be God if man ceases to pray, but without prayer, man is nothing." Something along those lines. It was really powerful! And so true. Prayer is for us! The Lord hears and acknowledges even the most humble of prayers. It is such a blessing and I am so thankful for it. Dang, I wish I could teach this way in Portuguese.... :)

Other than that things are pretty good here. Just living with the dogs and eating rice and beans! We had a Festa Julilhas the other Saturday at the church which was really fun to be a part of. Its a red-neck party where everyone dresses up like theyre from the country! usually involving beer, but obviously we had none. We had a lot of investigators come and a lot of help from the members, thank goodness. We had this idea to set up a board with holes in it for faces (I forget the name in English) and take pictures of all the investigators. We wrote down their addresses to "deliver the fotos we took for free" haha. Em serio it was a great way to get contacts! Legal nao e?? haha. I'll see if I can attach some pictures. Anyway things are great. Hope all is well at home! Have fun at the family reunion!!! Wish I could be there, but actually I´m quite happy where I am. Please take pictures and send them to me!!! Also from the 24th of July celebration! I want to hear how that went too!!!! Beijos e abra├žos!!
-Sister Emily Peck

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